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Fuming dad outraged by sex-themed treats on sweet shop trip with daughter, 10

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Shelves stacked with 'Penis Pasta' and 'Candy Blow Job Willies' "spoiled" a dad and daughter's sweet shop fun.

The unnamed father was fuming after spotting a sea of x-rated treats in a display he 'expects to see in Ann Summers', not a kids sweet shop, WalesOnline reports.

He and his ten-year-old daughter were excited to visit to Kingdom of Sweets in Queen Street, Cardiff but the pair left empty handed following the horror of seeing "Ball Bands" and packets of "Rock Cock" on sale beside the till.

Awkwardly for the red-faced dad, his daughter turned to him after seeing one of the adult products and said: "I know what that means."

"I just think it was inappropriate. I'd expect it in an Ann Summers, which is fine," the dad said.

The shop said this afternoon that the items had now been removed from stock.

The dad said that his daughter had been saving up money to buy sweets in the store as "it's expensive and it's a real treat to go there".

But when they went to the till to pay the dad said that there was a display of adult-themed sweets directly to their right.

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"I'm not prudish at all but I didn't expect that in somewhere where you'd take children," he said.

"On the high street in the capital city it's not on. Maybe in a distinctly adults-only section, tucked away somewhere, but no – it was right next to the till.

"My daughter went: 'I know what that is' because she's 10. We've spoken to her about certain things, she's not completely naive, but I just don't think that should be put in front of children on the high street in the middle of Cardiff."

The father said that, while he didn't complain to staff in the store, he has emailed Kingdom of Sweets about the display. He says that he hasn't yet received a response from the company.

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"I don't think that's appropriate to be in front of children – penis-shaped sweets – really," he said.

"It goes from a sort of innocent place where they sell Oreos and chocolate bars and stuff to something that I don't think should be in that kind of environment or maybe tucked away where only adults can go."

The father told WalesOnline that he and his daughter often go to the store during half term and the school holidays and hadn't seen the display before.

"It's a real treat and it spoilt it for us really badly. We went to the castle and for some food and to go to Kingdom of Sweets was to top it off as a real treat," he said.

After seeing the display the father said that he left the store with his daughter without buying anything.

A spokesman for Kingdom of Sweets said: "We thank you for bringing this to our attention. The items have been withdrawn from stock."

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