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Girl sits on distressed dad’s lap as she watches police handcuffing him at park

A frightened little girl was filmed sitting on her father's lap as she watched the police trying to take him away.

The 31-year-old dad had been stopped by the police for not wearing a face mask while walking in a Covid hotspot in George's Hall, Sydney on Saturday afternoon.

Video shot by a passerby, who goes by the name @wahash3 on TikTok, shows the distressed parent sitting on the ground with his hands tied at the back.

The cameraman says: "Come on guys, be fair a little bit."

"He's got a daughter here, she is by herself. Look, the little girl is scared man."

One officer replies him: "He's committed an offence."

The father, who dressed in a grey tracksuit, allegedly told the policemen he will not speak until his daughter is standing by his side.

The officer gestures to the little girl to return her father, with the toddler walking over and sitting down in her dad's lap.

"I was arrested because I was filming," the parent tells the cameraman.

But the officer corrects him and says: "No, you were arrested because you committed an offence. We asked you to get a mask."

"I told you I am going to drop my daughter off with my sister-in-law then I am going to go for a run," the man says.

One of the cops replied: "But then you have to leave. You committed an offence."

New South Wales Police told Daily Mail Australia: "He was unable to provide a valid explanation or exemption.

"The man allegedly became verbally abusive and aggressive toward police as they continued with their duties.

"Officers warned the man on multiple occasions about his conduct before he was arrested."

The man was released and fined for failing to wear a face mark, with no further action anticipated, police added.

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