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‘Goal is to kill Ukraine’ Vladimir Putin’s mouthpiece paper unveils horrific war strategy

Russia’s goal is to 'erase’ Ukraine says Bucha resident

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Alex Dayrabekov claimed the article revealed Russia’s goal was to “erase” Ukraine when it crossed the border on February 24. Putin has refused recognise the invasion as a “war” after telling Russian media to name it a “special military operation”. But the Russian president is now facing accusations of war crimes when mass graves were found in Bucha.

Speaking to BBC Sounds, Mr Dayrabekov said: “Yesterday an article came out in Russian media.

“It’s horrible because the article proves their goal is actually to erase the nation.

“Their goal is to raise our nation. Putin’s goal is to kill Ukraine as a country, as a nation, as freedom because this is a threat to him personally.

“To him and his corrupt band of gangsters who took the powers and the money from their country and want to keep it.”

It comes as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will address a United Nations Security Council meeting convened by Britain amid growing outrage over Russian atrocities.

The UK, which currently holds the council’s presidency, said it wants to discuss the “mounting evidence of war crimes” on Tuesday and will push to ensure “justice is done”.

Evidence apparently showing Vladimir Putin’s soldiers deliberately killing civilians has been emerging as he withdraws his struggling troops from around the capital Kyiv, including from the city of Bucha.

Mr Zelensky has warned that worse evidence of mass killings of civilians by Moscow will emerge as the Russian president repositions his troops to the south-east.

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It will be his first address to the Security Council, with members including Russia and China, and comes a day after he visited Bucha to witness the fall-out.

The Ukrainian leader accused Moscow of committing “real genocide”, as he appeared visibly emotional, flanked by his soldiers and wearing a bullet-proof vest.

Ihor Zhovkva, deputy head of the office of the President of Ukraine, said Mr Zelensky “will give all the evidence” to the international community at the Security Council meeting.

“If these awful atrocities will not change the agenda of all the world, what will change?” the adviser asked on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.


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Mr Zhovkva said Ukraine needs “additional weapons”, including tanks and missiles, to “liberate more cities” from Russia control.

Dame Barbara Woodward, Britain’s UN ambassador, called images coming from Bucha “harrowing, appalling, probable evidence of war crimes and possibly a genocide”.

She cited hundreds of bodies being dumped in the streets or in mass graves and allegations of rape.

The EU proposed a multi-billion pound ban on coal imports from Russia under a fresh wave of sanctions that will also cut off four key banks from European markets and block Russian ships from accessing the union’s ports.

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