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Halifax man facing animal-abuse charge after violent assault on dog

A 30-year-old Halifax man is facing an animal-abuse charge after someone alerted the SPCA to what it described as a violent assault on a dog.

Adam DeCoste was charged with causing his dog to be in distress in violation of the Animal Protection Act of Nova Scotia.

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The SPCA says officers received a call this month from a complainant who had security footage showing a man abusing a dog – a husky.

The officers watched the video, seized the dog and took it into custody.

The owner appealed the case to the Animal Cruelty Appeal Board, which upheld the decision to seize the husky, which is said to be in good physical health and will remain with the SPCA until it can be adopted.

Chief provincial inspector JoAnne Landsburg said she was pleased with the board’s decision, because of what she said was “the violent nature of the assault on the dog.”

In an email, Landsburg said her organization couldn’t release details of the abuse until the accused appears in court.

She said the dog is currently in “good medical condition.”

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