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Harry and Meghan ‘on losing streak’ as popularity rose when keeping low profile

Controversial Royals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are caught between a popularity rock and a hard place, an expert has claimed.

Earlier this week a new poll in the United States showed Meghan Markle's popularity has risen to positive territory for the first time since January.

She is now polling with the US public at plus five.

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And Prince Harry has risen seven points for a total of +15.

Prince William and Kate Middleton, by comparison, have ratings of +34 and +37 respectively in America.

But experts have pointed out that the rise in popularity actually took place when the couple were hardly seen.

Until this month's Coronation of King Charles, neither of the pair had really been seen in public or heard from on any platform.

And this, critic Daniela Elser claims, has left the couple in a difficult situation.

Writing for, she said: “There is the double-edged sword of the latest US polling numbers for the lighting rod Duke and Duchess.

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“The latest figures, according to Newsweek, show Harry enjoying an overall seven point rise to a net approval of +15 while Meghan has re-entered positive territory for the first time since January, with her currently on plus five.

“However, the real sting in the tail comes when you consider that the time period this covers was their lowest profile and quietest in ages.

“Translation: Americans like the Sussexes more when they are quiet and out of sight.

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“Imagine what sort of numbers they would be getting if they moved to the remotest bit of Wyoming, took a vow of PR silence and deleted Oprah’s number!

“Right now it seems like the Sussexes are stuck on something of a losing streak.”

With more books, podcasts and documentaries due out from the pair over the next year or so, it looks as if they're going to be going back down in the polls, if recent results are anything to go by.

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