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Harry has ‘nothing to lose’ in tell-all talk after Frogmore Cottage eviction

Prince Harry will find himself with "nothing to lose" ahead of a tell-all talk he is set to give later today (March 4).

It comes as the Duke of Sussex and wife Meghan Markle find themselves booted out of Frogmore Cottage, with the pair asked to leave by King Charles, a spokesman for the couple confirmed.

With their departure from the historic Windsor landmark imminent, it would appear the Duke has "nothing to lose" ahead of his tell-all chat with Dr Gabor Maté.

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The chat, which will discuss "living with loss and the importance of personal healing" and "toxic trauma" comes just days after the Sussex duo found they would no longer be residents of Frogmore Cottage.

Expert Phil Dampier has since claimed that relations between Harry and his family could get even worse, which puts him at odds with the working royals before his father's coronation.

Speaking to MailOnline, Phil Dampier said: "The King and Prince William would have hoped that Harry calmed down and stopped giving interviews after the publicity interviews he did for Spare but it seems not.

"In fact he may feel he has nothing to lose after bring booted out of Frogmore Cottage.

"So sadly, with just nine weeks to the coronation, relations between him and his family seem to be getting worse, not better."

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Biographer Dampier added that the online show Harry is set to appear on, which costs £17 a head, will be "part publicity for his book and part therapy".

He said: "The Palace will fear he lobs in more of his truth bombs just when they thought things were dying down. Goodness only knows what he will say in this show. It will be part publicity for his book and part therapy.

"He has said his book could have been double the length so he still has plenty of ammunition."

That "ammunition" was recently reported by Daily Star, with the Duke set to release an extra chapter from the "unforgivable" first draft of his memoir, Spare.

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