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Heartbreaking family video shows Star Hobson's bruised face – how did social services fail her just like Arthur?

TRAGIC Star Hobson is filmed with a black eye and bruising around her ear – just days before she was murdered.

The harrowing clip was sent to social workers by the toddler's great-grandad, Frank Smith, 68, last September.

They dismissed his complaint as malicious and closed the case. Seven days later Star was dead.

Lesbian bouncer Savannah Brockhill, 28, was found guilty of her murder at Bradford Crown Court and faces life in prison.

Star's feckless mum, Frankie Smith, 20, was convicted of causing or allowing her death by turning a blind eye to the appalling abuse.

It comes as

  • Star Hobson's mum and her lover were convicted over the youngster's death
  • Her family warned the authorities she would be 'another Baby P'
  • Haunting videos show Star's final months before she was murdered

Former doorman Frank handed the video footage to Sun Online and begged: "I want everybody to see this.

"The public needs to know what happened."

He wept: "Look at that child's ears. She's got a black eye. 

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"I sent that video to social services and they didn't want to know. They said I was being malicious. How can that be malicious? 

"A few days later they closed my case and Star was dead."

He rang them a day later and told them: "The baby's died now so you can put all your papers to one side, it's finished." 

He told Sun Online: "It's hard to believe and I can't take it in. How can anybody do that to a child? How could they let them get away with it? 

"Social services shouldn't be allowed to get away with saying 'we'll learn lessons'. 

"They said they never received my video but police have obtained the email I sent them. 

"I've been around children my whole life and all children fall but I've yet to see a child with a black ear. Whatever's going on? 

"They're supposed to be trained to spot this kind of thing. It's broken me. You put your trust in the authorities to do something and they let you down.

"I can see why people take the law into their own hands."

Pictures taken just months earlier showed 16-month-old Star smiling for the camera.

She had been taken in by her great-gran, Anita Smith, 70, and after 10 weeks was thriving.

But in April, Smith took Star back. By September last year, Star was bruised and battered and filmed by worried family members.

Frank made his referral to social services on September 2 but was ignored after Brockhill and Smith claimed family members had it in for them because of their same-sex relationship. 

In a report seen by Sun Online, social workers explained: "Frankie offered an explanation, showed a photograph of bruising to Star's ear and allowed the social worker to examine Star. 

"In doing so it was reasonable for the social worker to conclude that Frankie was being open and honest and her explanation for the bruising to Star observed in the photograph was accepted." 

It went on: "Frankie said that she felt people were making malicious allegations due to her being in a same-sex relationship. 

"After the visit, the social worker fed back the information from her visit to the police and I understand the police took no further action." 

Meanwhile, Star's other great-grandfather David Fawcett said his concerns were dismissed by Bradford City Council authorities despite warning them that Star could be the "next Baby P."

Mr Fawcett shared two harrowing pictures of the toddler to Facebook – one of her looking happy and the other a picture of the little girl bruised.

"From this to this in five weeks, what's going on Frankie?' he wrote.

As a result of the post, Frankie blocked him online and restricted access to Star.

Mr Fawcett said that he and his wife Anita had warned authorities but they claimed they were accused of being "'troublemakers who made the complaint because we didn't like gipsies or same-sex relationships".

Today another heartbreaking picture of Star with a bruised face was uncovered.


Star was punched with "considerable force" 21 times over a three-hour period by pub bouncer Brockhill on one brutal occasion.

She was also made to walk upstairs with a broken shin and forced to face a wall as "punishment".

Tragically, her plight was hidden away in the couple's house of horrors in Keighley, West Yorks, as they shielded behind lockdown.

And just like the chilling case of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, there were a string of missed opportunities that could have potentially saved her life.

The chilling photo shows Star with a huge, angry bruise covering her right cheek.

She also appears to have cuts to her eye and scratches on the bottom of her face.

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It was taken in July last year – just two months before Star was stomped to death by Brockhill.

David revealed how his blood would "run cold" whenever he saw Brockhill arrive in her car, which they branded Christine after the possessed vehicle.

He also believes the family wouldn't be in the heartbreaking "position" they are in if Smith hadn't met bouncer Brockhill.

The postie said: "I used to say to Anita 'Christine's outside Frankie's house again' and Anita used to say 'you do realise little Star's going to finish up a star in the sky, she's got the right name'.

"She always said that, and people used to tell her 'Anita, please don't say that'. And that was said from May up to September. Just horrendous."

Desperate for someone to take notice, David posted two pictures on Facebook – one showing Star with bruises and one without.

He captioned it: "From this to this in five weeks. What's happening Frankie?"

But the mum just blocked him and several members of the family from seeing Star.

They were not even allowed to attend her funeral.

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