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Hero Labour MPs who vote for Boris' deal called 'vermin' and told to 'rot in hell

LABOUR MPs who backed Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal have been called “vermin” and told to “rot in hell” by furious Remainers online.

The courageous rebels were blasted for supporting the withdrawal agreement bill in the Commons last night.


Lisa Nandy was one of 19 Labour MPs in leave constituencies who backed the PM’s deal bill to deliver the will of the people.

She posted a tweet today saying “morning” with series of screenshots of messages from furious trolls.

One message said: "You should have your fat a*** kicked out of the party. I don't know how anyone could walk past you without holding their nose. I hope you rot in hell."

The second said: "Your utter, selfish, ignorance has just LOST Labour any chance of winning an election."

Words cannot describe the contempt our family feels for you. May you rot in hell.

It ended: "I will never vote Labour again."

But Ms Nandy is not the only Labour MP to bombarded with vile abuse.

Ruth Smeeth was also targeted, with trolls calling her a “f*****g disgrace”.

Another told her: “Words cannot describe the contempt our family feels for you. May you rot in hell.”


While Emma Lewell-Buck said she had been labelled a “traitor” by angry those on both sides of the Brexit debate.

She tweeted last night: “Remainers and leavers, not for the first time either piling on calling me a traitor and then some, the art of compromise left our country’s psyche a long time ago.”

On Monday Labour rebels revealed they had been accused of being “sex pests” and their constituents “racist scumbags” after they publicly backed the PM’s plan to leave the EU.

Caroline Flint, the MP for Don Valley said: “In a week when we called for an end to intimidation and abuse, I am denounced as a Tory by social media trolls.

“I wasn’t elected to parliament to bow to threats and intimidation. I won’t now.”

I wasn’t elected to parliament to bow to threats and intimidation. I won’t now.

While Labour MP John Mann said he had faced some of the “worst abuse ever” from angry Remainers.

Among the vile insults were "your constituents are mainly racist scumbags” ; “you must have sex abuse scandals to hide”; “hope you get a horrible debilitating illness”.

Labour boss Mr Corbyn faces pressure from his party to remove the whip from rebel MPs who supported Mr Johnson’s agreement.

The 19 Labour rebels who backed the PM’s Brexit deal bill were: Kevin Barron, Sarah Champion, Rosie Cooper, Jon Cruddas, Gloria De Piero, Jim Fitzpatrick, Caroline Flint, Dan Jarvis, Emma Lewell-Buc, John Mann, Grahame Morris, Lisa Nandy, Melanie Onn, Stephanie Peacock, Jo Platt, Ruth Smeeth, Laura Smith, Gareth Snell and Mike Hill.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said there would be "consequences" for MPs in his party who voted for Mr Johnson's Withdrawal Agreement.

While Momentum boss Jon Lansman warned they should be kicked out.
He tweeted: “The NEC will have no choice but to replace them with a new, socialist Labour candidate at the next election.”

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