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Hillsong megachurch branded ‘cult’ as ex-members accuse group of slave labour

The once-popular megachurch has come under fire after more allegations from former Hillsong members, comparing the church to a "cult."

Volunteers claim they were made to perform manual labour to fulfil personal needs of the church's leader.

The church was blasted earlier after revelations former celebrity pastor Carl Lentz had cheated on his wife of 17 years.

Since 1983, the church has expanded across the world including in the US and UK.

The church, which was founded in a warehouse in Sydney, Australia, is also believed to own record labels and a large global property portfolio

Despite its influence, ex-members say the church demanded "industrial slave labour," reports Mail Online.

A former service pastor who served for seven years said it was like working for a "major company."

She said: "I was beneath [the senior pastors] but I did everything," said Nicole Herman speaking to New York Post.

Nicole added she had seen 'volunteers and real, amazing people' be exploited for the "petty needs" of church leaders.

On Saturday, Nicole publicly spoke out about the church on Instagram.

She said she would help any former members "with a broken heart as well as a million other amazing people who left this cult."

An anonymous woman who had attended Hillsong in Montclair, New Jersey, claims she spent five years babysitting for pastors.

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She said: "It was the most toxic work environment I've ever been a part of."

She said she was also underpaid: "I would be working 10, 11 hour days. I would get paid and then I would go in my car and count my money and nine times out of 10 the amount wasn't correct."

"You get up there on a Sunday and talk about tithing and giving and you literally don't do that to your workers," she added.

Others came forward to talk against the popular church.

Yolandi Bosch claims its "all about the fame and how things look for them" rather than standing for "honour. grace and love."

DailyStar has contacted Hillsong Church for comment.

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