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Horrifying dolphin hunt sees thousands killed with ‘spines snapped’ in sick pics

More than 1,400 dolphins were slaughtered in the biggest animal massacre of recent years.

The twisted annual hunt known as Grindadráp in the Denmark-owned Faroe Islands 200 miles of Scotland sees the beloved sea creatures' spinal cords severed.

Before that, they're herded into bay by local boats to be killed.

This year's hunt took place on September 12, with 1,428 dolphins killed in the bay of the Skálafjörður in the centre of the island group.

Countless bloodied dolphin bodies were then piled up to be sent around the area – with horror images showing only a fraction of those slaughtered.

Pods of dolphins and whales are forced onto a beach before having their backs slashed.

The savage ceremony can see an entire genetic group wiped out.

Conservation charity Sea Shepherd UK has campaigned against the traditional massacre for years.

CEO Rob Read estimated the latest killing to be the largest hunt not just in the history of Faroe Islands, but the entire world.

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He said: "This killing is of a whole other scale entirely – it is mind-blowingly unprecedented.

"There is no need for the meat in Faroe Islands nowadays and it shouldn't be happening, never mind in these numbers.

"There were too many to kill humanely, if that's even possible.

"These days it is little more than sport, using tradition as justification, and that's why we campaign against it."

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The Grindadráp is a famous tradition dating back hundreds of years to the time when locals were reliant on whale and dolphin meat to survive.

Similar hunts have occurred in Peru, Japan and the Solomon Islands.

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