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Horror injuries of man, 30, stabbed in face with a BOTTLE for defending partner’s autistic daughter

A MAN was left with horrific injuries after being stabbed in the face with a broken BOTTLE as he defended his partner's autistic daughter.

Karl Jones, 30, was almost blinded in his left eye after being stabbed while volunteering with his partner Rebecca in Coventry, West Midlands.

The pair had been working with John Bates to help deliver food in their local area last February.

But the day descended into chaos when Bates started to claim autistic children should be treated differently, while Karl said all kids, including his partner's, should be equal.

The trio had been in a car when the argument unfolded – with Bates then growing aggressive and lashing out with a broken Bacardi bottle and stabbing Karl in the face.

Recalling the horrific ordeal, Karl told the Sun Online: "He started getting lairy and shouting, and tried to start getting out of the car as it was moving.

"I’ve got out, and we started fighting. He managed to get me in a headlock and choke me.

"After he choked me, I got up and caught my breath, he went to the car, got the broken bottle of Bacardi and stabbed me twice in the face with it."

Karl also claimed that Bates was drinking from the Bacardi bottle before using it as a weapon.

Dripping in blood, Karl had to have over 20 stitches and a six-hour operation on his eye in a bid to save his vision and get the wounds to heal.

But a year on, he says the vicious stabbing has affected his confidence and employment as his face is now covered in scars.

He added: "I've got a scar on my cheek, on my jawbone, and I've got 21 stitches.

"I've got scarring on my forehead, scarring on my left eyebrow, and I'm pretty much blind in my left eye. I had a six-hour operation on my eye."

Speaking about his life after the ordeal, he said: "I still have my bad days.

"It's knocked my confidence. I don't really like going out of the house now, unless we’re in the car.

"Or if we do walk to the shop, I’m constantly looking around.

"The pandemic didn’t help, not being able to go out.

"Not being able to see my therapist face to face, as it was over the phone."

Karl was diagnosed with PTSD after the stabbing when Rebecca and his sister started noticing that he wasn't acting like himself.


And the ordeal has also affected his career – as Karl used to be a self-employed pallet rack installer.

But because he can't see out of his eye, he says it's impossible to get insurance to continue working with heavy metal in such a dangerous job.

He added: "I wanted to go back to my job, but because of my eye, I can't get insured.

"I can't see though my left eye, and it's a dangerous job."

Karl said it was like a "weight was lifted off my shoulders" when Bates pleaded guilty in November last year, and was sentenced for causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Bates, who was already on remand, was jailed for eight years and four months, was handed a victim surcharge of £181 with a restraining order imposed for 15 years.

Speaking about his partner Rebecca, who he's been with for two years, Karl said: "She's been my rock. If it wasn't for her, then I don't know.

"I would have probably done something stupid. She's my angel."

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