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Horror shark attack as swimmer attacked by beast as he tried to climb into boat

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A man is recovering in hospital after a horror shark attack when he was savaged by a finned beast as he swam in the sea.

The 34-year-old man is recovering after he was reportedly set upon whole climbing on the back of a boat.

The shark latched on to his left leg about 6.40pm on Friday in Queensland's Whitsundays, Australia.

He suffered injuries to his thigh and shin and was taken by boat to a medical centre on Hamilton Island before being flown to Mackay Hospital.

Queensland Ambulance Service operations supervisor Julianne Ryals: "QAS received a call for assistance from a vessel approximately 45 minutes offshore.

"He had been bitten by a shark to the left leg, thigh and shin: the lacerations were deep enough to require stitches.

"The patient was in really good condition … conscious, alert and in good condition."

Queensland Ambulance Service clinical support officer Peter Gleeson said the situation could have been much worse.

He said: "Any sort of shark bite is taken very seriously, and the results can be quite serious. However, in this instance, it seems like the patient was very lucky indeed."

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Last month a 16-year-old boy from Florida had a chunk taken out of his arm by a shark while he was surfing.

Doyle Nielson was filmed paddling his surfboard on New Smyrna Beach, Florida, when a shark darted straight for him.

The attack took place on September 9 which left Doyle needing nine stitches on his arm.

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The teenager thought it was another surfer accidentally smashing into him from behind, until onlookers told him it was in fact a shark and urged him to get out of the water.

The 6ft shark was not enough to scare Doyle from the waves for good.

He said: "I'll definitely be surfing again, but I know that it'll affect my mindset. Like, I'll be a little more cautious in the water."

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