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Humiliating pics show Putin’s ageing 'Dad’s Army' lining up for war as tyrant rallies tinpot troops to fight Ukraine | The Sun

HUMILIATING pictures have emerged of Putin's "Dad's Army" lining up for war as the desperate tyrant rallies tinpot troops to fight in Ukraine.

The Russian despot has ordered the mobilisation of 300,000 extra soldiers to the frontline as his disastrous war continues to falter with Moscow losing ground on the battlefield.

In a frenzied bid to stop his army collapsing amid Ukraine's lightning counterattack, Putin appears to have plucked out some civilians with little training to ship off to war.

Pictures from Sevastopol in Crimea have emerged showing the new recruits clutching shiny new weapons and getting ready to head to the frontline.

But many of the men appeared old and not in the top physical shape usually associated with fighters as they paraded in Nakhimov Square.

The images drew similarities to the popular sitcom Dad's Army, where men who were often old or couldn't fight abroad in World War Two were drafted to defend the homeland.

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The mobilised men in Russia are expected to receive only two weeks of training before being shipped off to Ukraine – compared to the six months minimum training which is usually provided.

But recently-conscripted fighters in Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine are said to already be surrendering in their droves.

And footage also emerged of drunken conscripts fighting each other as they were packed into school buses.

Many Russian men have been desperately looking for ways to avoid Putin's draft to stop themselves from being sent to die in Ukraine.

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Men have reportedly been hastily getting married or registering themselves as carers for elderly children in a bid to get out of the war – with some reported to have broken their own arms to escape the draft.

And there have been huge tailbacks at the borders and a rush to buy flights out of Russia as men try to flee the Kremlin's grip.

Shocking footage even showed one man setting himself on fire at a railway station in Ryazan, 110 miles southeast of Moscow, to avoid being sent to the frontline.

Putin signed the decree on the partial mobilisation last week.

It is Russia's first such mobilisation since World War Two – signifying a major escalation of the war, now in its seventh month.

It comes as Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky vowed to retake more land after a farcical 99 per cent allegedly voted to join Russia in sham referendums on Tuesday.

The war-time President said Russia's "criminal" elections would not change Ukraine's battle plans.

In an address shortly after "results" were released, Zelensky said: "We will act to protect our people: both in the Kherson region, in the Zaporizhia region, in the Donbass, in the currently occupied areas of the Kharkiv region, and in the Crimea.

"This farce in the occupied territory cannot even be called an imitation of referendums.

"And as for the front, I will say it briefly and for now without details, although they will be good: we are moving forward and liberating our land."

Residents have been forced to vote at gunpoint over the past five days in occupied parts of Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson.

Western officials have slammed the vote, in which Putin's goons have menacingly carried ballot boxes from house to house.

Reports also emerged of Russian soldiers marching residents to polling stations and watching as they cast their votes.

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The results – which observers say are also likely to be rigged – will be finalised in the coming days but are expected to show overwhelming support for joining Russia.

Putin could formally annex the territories as soon as Friday – even though his forces do not control all of the four regions following a heroic fightback.

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