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Hunt for Brit mum’s killers suffers major blow as cops find no DNA under fingernails and STILL no getaway car

THE hunt for sadistic thieves who tortured a Brit mum to death has been dealt a blow after it emerged no DNA has been found under her fingernails.

Cops believed Caroline Crouch, 20, a black belt kickboxer, had put up a struggle when one of the gang strangled her and the dramatic twist comes as the gang’s getaway car as yet to be found.

Caroline was tortured and killed by the thieves who also held a gun to her 11-month-old daughter Lydia in her home in an upmarket Athens suburb.

Her 32-year-old husband Charalambos 'Babis' Anagnostopoulos was tied up and blind folded when the gang burst into the property, after killing the couple’s dog, at around 5am on May 11.

Skai News, quoting police, said the discovery would means that Caroline, a black belt kickboxer, had not put up any resistance when one of the robbers choked her to death.

The development came as Greek police were forced to call for "patience" amid mounting exasperation over the time it was taking to track down the culprits.

"I think we all have to be patient," the president of the Union of police employees, Dimosthenis Pakos, told Skai earlier today.

"The police shouldn't be placed under such pressure."

He was speaking in response to a report by the The Sun Online that the faltering investigation has shocked l experts who say the horrific crime "should have been solved" after than three weeks

It has also emerged that police had failed to find the getaway car thought to have been used by the culprits.

Caroline Crouch, 20, was tortured and killed by the thieves who also held a gun to her 11-month-old daughter Lydia while her husband was tied up outside their home in Athens.

Footage of a suspicious vehicle followed by a motorbike was captured by security cameras near the couple’s home.

Extra footage was also sent in last week by a viewer of an investigative programme that had aired the original footage on TV.  

The dark-coloured car and the motorbike can be seen passing near the home in Glyka Nera.

The gang escaped with £30,000 in cash and jewels, but cops think they believed another £86,000 was hidden there.

The murder took place in the early hours of May 11 in the two-story maisonette the couple had been renting in the upmarket suburb of Glyka Nera.  

Currently there is a reward of £250,000 for information into the young mum's death.

Detectives have so far failed to link a Georgian man who they arrested to Caroline’s murder.

Meanwhile, calls also mounted Friday for the psychologist who says she had been treating Caroline to prove she is a certified practitioner.

The Association of Greek Psychologists gave Eleni Mylonopoulou two days to provide documents proving she is registered doctor after she shocked the profession by talking openly about the couple on TV. 

The Romanian-trained medic is among is among the array of witnesses who so far have given testimony to police, including Caroline’s husband.

The Brit student had reportedly been treated by Mylonopoulou after she gave birth.

The psychologist had described Caroline as "a very happy girl" who was always accompanied to the sessions by her loving husband

She told local media that the couple had "no issues in their relationship."

Police sources said that if it was proved Mylonopoulou was not a registered doctor "the inquiry will take a different turn."  

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