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‘I work at world’s largest legal brothel to feel safe after pals were murdered’

A woman who works at the world's biggest legal brothel says she does so for her own safety after her friends were murdered.

Emily Rose has revealed to the Daily Star exactly what it is like behind closed doors at Sheri's Ranch in Nevada, US, where she has to pay around £2,000 to stay for two weeks.

If she had it her way, Emily wouldn't have to fork out to travel across the country for work as a result of prostitution laws in the US which she accuses of treating sex workers as sub human.

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Emily said: "After FOSTA/SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act) passed and several other providers I worked with were killed here at home, I switched to working in the brothel.

"It was more the fact that three people I knew and had worked with had been murdered within six months and the police just marked it as "no human involved".

"Most of what sex workers in the US want is not to create more brothels. We want decriminalization. The Nordic model (where buyers are arrested, not sellers) is just as bad and we don't want it either.

The sex worker admits she lost all sense of what's considered standard bedroom activity after 12 years of tending to a wild range of client requests but not all involve a steamy romp.

"I do not know what civilians find weird because it doesn't register as anything weird to me," Emily told the Daily Star. She added: "I specialise in BDSM and kinks. A lot of things I think are very normal and common are probably weird to civilians."

Rather than sex, Emily says it is intimacy that many of her clients crave, so much so that she hardly ever just has straight sex.

Instead she counts goddess worship and pet play as part of her catalogue of services.

She said: "Most people that see in-person sex workers tend to want that connection more than anything. I have a lot of clients who just want to talk and cuddle.

"Straight sex is not something I do very often. As I said, I specialise in BDSM. So a lot of clients come to me for spanking, goddess worship, water sports, pet play, shibari, tickling, role play, etc.

"I relate well with people in a one on one setting. So that's why I thrive in what I do instead of stripping or events like that."

According to 'girl next door' Emily, Sheri's Ranch demands all sex workers spend their time at the brothel in complete lockdown, unable to come and go as they please.

That means everyone is left to keep themselves and clients entertained with whatever they bring with them as the house only provides furniture and towels, Emily says.

"I have board games (both sexy and non sexy) that I can play with mine," she said. "Life, chess, I love World of Warcraft so I have a board game version."

The Ranch's strict house rules and pricey accommodation fees are sadly unavoidable for sex workers looking to ply their trade in a safe environment.

"When I'm at the brothel we're on lockdown so we're not allowed to leave. I tend to spend my time reading, studying, cross stitch, watching movies, etc.

"The atmosphere between the ladies is usually pretty chill. Some of the extroverted ones will hang out together in each other's rooms but (as I'm an introvert) I tend to spend my time in my room with visits from other ladies here and there.

"There is a gym but it sucks so no one really uses it. The house doesn't provide much in the way of enterprise."

Emily has to pay almost £1,000 in travel just to get there and back, which she does six times a year but the dangers of illegal soliciting are shockingly serious.

She said: "Each brothel trip costs me about $3k and being in lockdown for 1-3 weeks isn't feasible for most people so they choose to do the "illegal" route instead.

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"There is no choice. The Houses are the only way to work legally."

In spite of the risks involved, Emily has no plans to pack in her racy career.

"I enjoy it, or I wouldn't have stuck around doing it for so long," she added.


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