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Idiot tourists lie down with wild alligator for dangerous Instagram selfie

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    A foolish pair of tourists were spotted laying just six feet from a wild alligator in an attempt to get the perfect Instagram shot.

    The pair, believed to be a father and son, decided to lie flat on their backs while facing away from an alligator that was crawling directly towards them at Florida’s Everglades National Park.

    The dad, wearing a Confederate flag bandana, took a selfie as the deadly reptile approached, while another member of the group happily took a second photograph of the scene on her phone.

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    The potentially very dangerous incident was highlighted by the Instagram account TouronsOfYellowstone, which regularly posts updates on ridiculous behaviour at US National Parks and other sites of natural beauty.

    The Instagram features dozens of photos showing tourists getting dangerously close to wild animal such as elk and bison, as well as cataloguing litter and other debris left behind by inconsiderate sightseers.

    While it initially focused on Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park it now collects images from across the US, including the Everglades.

    One person commented on the photo saying: "I worked as a Ranger and Research Biologist studying alligators in the Everglades. I can't believe these folks. They obviously have no idea how fast an alligator can move!"

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    Alligators are an important species in the ecosystem of the Everglades and spotting one is an essential part of any visit.

    But they remain very dangerous animals and while they rarely attack humans they have been known to bite people reckless enough to try to feed them.

    If an alligator does look like it’s ready to attack, the best course of action is to run. While the reptiles can move quite quickly on land – reaching speeds of up to 20mph – they can’t maintain their top speed for long.

    They're a little slower in water, but still much faster than a human swimmer.

    Experts say if you are bitten by an alligator, the best chance of survival is to anticipate the moment that it relaxes its jaws in order to get a more secure grip.

    When that happens, that is the moment to run as fast as you can manage.


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