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I'm a bargain hunter and was baffled when I found a box in a charity shop – what I found inside was horrifying | The Sun

A BARGAIN hunter has shared the most horrifying discovery they had made when I found a box in a charity shop.

In a video that received over 100,500 likes, the TikToker, who posts under the account Bargainscouts, shared the dreadful discovery.

The bargain hunter, who was shopping at Goodwill charity shop, appeared to have spotted a small ornately carved wooden box.

As he picked it up to inspect it, they discovered a strange note at the bottom of the box.

The handwritten inscription read: "Hapi Burkett", followed by a date: "9.06.2016".

But as he opens the lid to look inside the box, he made a gruesome finding.


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The video shows the bargain hunter zooming in on the content – a round plaque and what appears to be ashes wrapped in a plastic bag.

By that point, Bargainscouts realised that the box contained the ashes of a pet, named Hapi.

Not all charity shop finds are this horrifying, however, as a shop manager from Wales, UK, found out.

Indeed, they discovered top secret plans for a British nuclear submarine stashed inside a suitcase – donated to her Barnado's store.

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The documents on the now-decommissioned HMS Trafalgar were uncovered by her shocked staff following an anonymous donation.

Experts say the plans were most likely pinned up on the Royal Navy vessel so staff could get to grips with its layout.

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