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I'm a Ukrainian refugee & my boyfriend left his partner for me – he's dumped me and now I'm flying home | The Sun

THE Ukrainian refugee who was dumped by her British love rat today left the UK to head back to her war-torn homeland.

Sofiia Karkadym, 22, was so broken-hearted after callous Tony Garnett ditched her that she has abandoned her new life here.

She caught a flight from Manchester Airport to Poland and will then make her way back to her family in Kyiv.

Sofiia caught the 6pm Ryanair flight to Wroclaw in Poland and then a bus to head back to Ukraine.

She told The Sun while waiting to board her plane: “I am going back to Ukraine because of the situation with me and Tony here in England.

“I need some support from my family and because I have not seen them for six months. I need to go for myself and to look after myself.


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“Also my grandmother celebrated her 70th birthday recently and I want to see all of them.

“I was living in a hostel and I did not have a plan for the next stage so I have to go home.

“I have mixed feelings about my time in England.  

“There were a lot of good things but it became really hard for me and I didn’t expect all of the public reaction which was difficult.

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“But I have been left with a very good impression of people here. I am so grateful to everyone for the way they have been willing to help me and other people from Ukraine after the war. There has been a lot of kindness.

“I didn’t think they would be so generous. It has been really nice.

“I have no idea what the future holds for me now. I will spend time with my family and friends and then I will decide on the next stage of my life.”

Tony drove her to the airport a week after dumping her.

And the cocky security guard was delighted when fellow travellers recognised them from reports in The Sun about their doomed relationship.

One punter said: “I spotted him and then her when they got in the same lift as me. I asked them if they were back together and he said: ‘No’.

“He then asked: ‘Have you read about us then?’ I replied: ‘Hasn’t everyone?’ and he seemed pleased with himself, like he was a celebrity.

“He then told her not to talk to the press and he would deal with that.”

Tony drove Sofiia across the M62 from West Yorkshire almost five months to the day after collecting her from Manchester Airport when she arrived in the UK after fleeing the war.

He had signed up to the Government refugee homing scheme but found the application process too slow and instead offered to give Sofiia a home after connecting on Facebook.

But once she arrived in Bradford tensions arose almost straightaway with his partner of ten years Lorna, 28.

Tony moved his daughter, six, from her room into a bunk bed with her three-year-old sister to make space, despite Lorna's objections.

And Lorna then watched in horror as he began flirting with Sofiia.

He can speak Slovakian, which is similar to Ukrainian, so he and Sofiia would chat in a language which Lorna could not understand.

They would stay up late together to watch TV after Lorna had gone to bed, went to the gym together and Sofiia began cooking meals for him.

Within days their flirting intensified and after ten days Lorna cracked and asked Sofiia to leave.

She was stunned when Tony said: “If she’s going, I’m going.”

They moved out and stayed with his parents for a while before getting a place of their own.

But four months later Tony also dumped Sofiia leaving her penniless and living in emergency accommodation.

She told The Sun last week how he had treated her like a domestic slave by never lifting a finger as she did all the cooking and cleaning.

And said they used her £500-a-month benefits to pay for food and the bills leaving him to gamble online with his money.

She was left in tears when he threw her out of their rented home but she refused to be beaten.

She said: “I will not let him win. Ukrainian women are strong. Vladimir Putin will not destroy us – and Tony Garnett will not destroy me.

“It will be a long and hard journey but I will rebuild my life and when I do I will be glad he is no longer a part of it.

“When we got together he was determined to tell the whole world and for a while everyone blamed me for splitting up his family.

“Now the world knows the truth. They know he is a d*ckhead and he has been the cause of all of the heartache.”

IT manager Sofiia was torn between remaining here or going home.

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She was desperate to make a new life for herself in the UK but her worried family pleaded with her tor return.

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