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‘Impolite’ BBC’s Emily Maitlis torn apart by furious John Bolton after tense Trump clash

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Speaking to Mr Bolton shared his fury over being interrupted while he was trying to answer questions about why he did not testify in the current US President’s impeachment trial last year. Mr Bolton was quick to tell Ms Maitlis she was “absolutely wrong” by demanding to know why he failed to tell the US public about the “clearly corrupt” administration he worked for.

She then warned “let me finish” after cutting him off during their Newsnight run in last week.

Mr Bolton has since called this style of interviewing “impolite”.

He told “It is entirely fair to push guests on the questions. Not only is there nothing wrong with it, it is the basic part of journalism.

“What is not and should not be a basic part of journalism is being impolite and in particular interrupting the person who is trying to answer the question.

“In some circles that is considered the thing to do. Well, those circles can have each other for themselves as far as I’m concerned.”

Mr Bolton admitted during the BBC interview that he resigned as Mr Trump’s advisor after growing concerned about his decisions regarding American security.

He said: “I was worried about him endangering American security.

“That’s why I tried to move his policies in better directions and why, ultimately, when I concluded I couldn’t do that, I resigned.”

But Ms Maitlis was quick to ask him again about why he did not testify during the impeachment proceedings.

Back in December 2019, the House of Representatives approved two articles of impeachment for abuse of power and obstruction of power.

But the decision was later acquitted by the Senate.

Ms Maitlis said: “You were given the chance to testify at his impeachment.

“You were begged to do your duty as a citizen, you refused to tell the American people what you saw and what you knew.”

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In response, Mr Bolton said: “You’re absolutely wrong about that.

“There’s a history here that I’d be delighted to lay out although I’m sure you won’t broadcast it here because it’s too complicated.”

Ms Maitlis then started to speak over Mr Bolton before he could finish.

This prompted him to ask whether he could carry on what he was saying, in order to answer he question.

He said: “Let me finish. Let me finish, ok?

“Will you let me finish? Will you let me finish my answer?”

He then added: “The House of Representatives never issued a subpoena for me.

“And when they issued a subpoena for my former deputy, the White House ordered him not to testify.” has contacted the BBC for a response.

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