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Inside hidden London tube station that looks like it belongs in Russia

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    A train station hidden away from tourists has been likened to stations in Russia.

    Gants Hill station is situated in the centre of East London and sits on the city's Central line but to the surprise of many, its often missed by tourists.

    The underground station possesses features such as an arched ceiling, grand tiled pillars, as well as stately benches.

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    But, that's not the most interesting thing about Gants Hill.

    To those who've travelled on Moscow's Metro, similarities between stations in Russia's capital and Gants Hill has been made more than once and has become such a staple that the concourse of the Central line station is actually known as the ‘Moscow Hall’.

    The similarities are certainly not by chance and its down to Charles Holden, the designer of the station.

    Holden took a trip to Moscow in the 1930s and was so inspired by the Moscow Metro that he took some elements from Russia and brought them back to London.

    On its website, the London Transport Museum explains: "The arched ceiling and detailed symmetry create an elongated effect that this photograph captures perfectly.

    "Inspired by Holden’s visit to the Moscow Metro, this happens to be one of Holden’s last commissions for London Transport in 1947."

    While construction of the London Tube station originally began in the 1930s, it was actually opened in 1947 as construction was delayed in 1940 due to its usage as an air raid shelter during Second World War.

    From 1942 to 1945, the tunnels of Gants Hill were used as a munitions factory for Plessy Electronics, an electronics, defence and telecommunications company.

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