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Inside Prince Andrew's paedo pal Jeffrey Epstein's luxury Paris flat where he may have raped underage girls in secret

THIS is the Paris apartment where paedo Jeffrey Epstein may have raped underage girls in secret.

The opulent property, where the vile billionaire also entertained Prince Andrew, is on the market for £10million.

Valdson Cotrin, 60, who spent some 20 years working for Epstein, has spoken previously of lavish hospitality heaped on the royal here.

Asked yesterday if the home in Avenue Foch, in an expensive part of the French capital, was his late boss’s haunt, the butler smiled “Yes” before walking away.

Another member of staff at the building also confirmed: “It’s the old Epstein apartment. I visited it a number of times when he was alive.”

The Duke of York, 61, was told to treat the flat, with creepy eyeball and skull sculptures plus a Peter Pan-style pixie statue, “as his own”.

Silver-haired Mr Cotrin told investigators in 2019: “He often stayed with us here, even when Mr Epstein wasn’t in residence. I took Andrew out in the evenings, and looked after him as well as I could. He loved my pasta-and-cheese bake.”

Most of Andrew’s visits to the second-floor flat, in a street close to the iconic Arc de Triomphe, took place after Epstein was convicted of abusing young women in 2008.

'Pimped out to Andrew'

Agents Sotheby’s are marketing the vast 8,000sq ft residence for executors of the estate of Epstein, who hanged himself in 2019, aged 66, in a US jail while awaiting trial. An online sales brochure shows 13 pictures of the glitzy interior crafted by “a famous world-renowned decorator” but not one of its eight bedrooms is pictured.

There is no suggestion Mr Cotrin, Andrew or any other members of staff ever took part in, or were aware of, any criminality.

Investigators handling Virginia Giuffre Roberts’ civil rape case against Andrew — seen out riding in Windsor yesterday — will be desperate to know if Mr Cotrin can help with background details.

The manservant’s links to Epstein became public by his own indiscretion as he posted selfies taken inside the uniquely decorated flat on a Facebook page.

Epstein sex slave Ms Giuffre also visited the Avenue Foch property. She has made well-publicised claims that she was “pimped out” to Andrew when she was a teenager.

He says he cannot recall meeting her and vehemently denies all her accusations.

Details of the current owner are not being disclosed. We have no comment.

Epstein set up French company JEP in March 2002 to buy and manage the residence.

If it achieves its asking price, the sale will rake in a profit of around £4million.

Sotheby’s Jean-Joseph Pani said yesterday: “Details of the current owner are not being disclosed. We have no comment.”

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