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Iran fury: Rouhani erupts at threat of foreign forces and warns west to ‘stay away!’

President Rouhani denounced the presence of foreign powers in the Gulf, in what looks to be a direct response to Donald Trump’s deployment of US forces to the Middle East. He said the region should not be the site of an armed races and warned international forces to “stay away”. But the Iranian President showed signs of a truce as he announced Tehran intends to propose a peace plan to the United Nations general assembly this week.

As Iran carried out military parades to commemorate the anniversary of the start of the Iran-Iraq war in 1980, its president said he planned to extend “the hand of friendship and brotherhood” to international powers.

He said during a speech: “Foreign forces can cause problems and insecurity for our people and for our region.

“In this sensitive and important historical moment, we announce to our neighbours that we extend the hand of friendship and brotherhood to them.”

Tensions between Iran and the US and its allies have escalated in recent weeks, following the attack on two Saudi Arabian oil facilities last week.

Tehran has been blamed for the devastating attack, which caused global oil prices to spike.

But Iranian officials lamed the Houthi rebels in Yemen, who have claimed responsibility.

Riyadh and Washington have both said they have “undeniable evidence” of Tehran’s guilt.

A Saudi defence spokesman claimed that 25 drones and cruise missiles were used in the attack of two major oil installations and said they had been fired from the north, the direction of Iran.

French officials, who were sent investigators to Saudi to help uncover the source of the attack, have said claims the Houthis were responsible “lack credibility”.

As a result President Trump approved the deployment of US forces to the Middle East.

Sky News reported US troops and military equipment will also be sent to the neighbouring United Arab Emirates, a Saudi Arabian ally.

But Mr Rouhani used his speech to tell foreign powers to “stay away” from the Gulf.

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He said: “They should not make our region the site of an arms race.

“Your presence has always brought pain and misery… The farther you keep yourselves from our region and our nations, the more security there will be.

“We are even ready to ignore their past mistakes… since today the situation is such that the enemies of Islam and the region – meaning America and Zionism – want to abuse the rift between us.”

President Rouhani is expected to travel to New York on Monday, a day before general debate kicks off at the United Nations general assembly.

He announced on his website that he intends to unveil peace plans to the UN.

He said: “We will present a plan to the world at the United Nations that the Islamic Republic of Iran, in cooperation with the countries of the region, can create security for the Persian Gulf and the Oman sea with the help of the countries of the region.”

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