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ISIS bride Shamima Begum's family start legal challenge to overturn Sajid Javid's decision to strip her UK citizenship

SHAMIMA Begum's family have formally started their legal challenge to reverse Sajid Javid's decision to strip the ISIS bride of her UK citizenship.

The family will argue the Home Secretary's decision was unfair because hundreds of other Brits who joined the terror group have been allowed to return.

Appeals have been lodged with the Special Immigration Appeals Commission and another will be launched at the High Court against Javid's decision tomorrow, The Guardian reports.

Begum's mum, who is bringing the appeal forward, claims her daughter's life is now in danger and she is suffering poor treatment in a Syrian refugee camp.

She is also said to be under threat from ISIS extremists.

Shamima Begum, 19, had been told by Sajid Javid that she had been stripped of her British citizenship after she fled the UK to join ISIS when she was just 15.

The schoolgirl travelled to Syria with two other friends to join the terror group in February 2015.

There she married Yago Riedijk, 27, a Dutch national.

All three of their children have died.


Begum’s lawyer had previously been prevented by Syrian forces from seeing her at the refugee camp.

Tasnime Akunjee had travelled all the way to the Middle Eastern country so she could sign documents for her appeal against the removal of her citizenship.

But he was unable to get Begum’s signature on the paperwork as the al-Roj camp in the north east of the country has been put on "lockdown".

It is claimed the camp has seen a “large number of new refugees” enter the camp, some of those have been “rioting” and no one is allowed in or out.

Mr Akunjee told “It looks like a lockdown happened, with orders not to let anyone in or out. ‘I offered to write a letter to her and was told I can’t.”

He added: “I knew which tent she was in, I got aerial photographs. Where I stood in the camp she was about two rows down- she was less than 50 metres from me.”

He said the authorities running the camp are hoping the situation will change and he will try to reach her.


Mr Akunjee arrived in Syria a day after Begum’s newborn son Jarrah died of a lung infection in the camp.

Begum had initially been living in the al-Hawl camp in northern Syria but was transferred to al-Roj in early March.

Her dad, Ahmed Ali, 60, who lives in Bangladesh, has previously said it was Britain’s fault she joined the terror group.

He said at the time: "One girl went there a month ago (before Shamima).

"The British government should have been alarmed about the matter, and they should have also inquired at the school to find out how she fled, since she was a student.

"Then a month later, three more students fled. The authorities should investigate at the school why these students fled. "They were not adults.

"The British immigration system is very informed, the most informed system in the world.

"I always say how did Shamima get there using another one's passport? She doesn't even have her own passport."

Mr Ali went on: "My child was only 15 years old when she fled. She was immature.

"I would ask the British government not to cancel her citizenship, to return her citizenship, and if she is guilty, bring her back to Britain and give her punishment there."

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