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It's Rishi Shoe-nak! PM is mocked by meme for his big boots

‘Please stop those boots!’ Rishi Sunak is mocked over his £150 Timberland footwear as they steal the limelight during speech on plans to stop migrants crossing Channel

  • Rishi Sunak wore a £150 pair of Timberlands to visit border force crews in Dover 
  • He was in Dover to give a speech on his plan to stop small migrant boats  

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been mercilessly ribbed over his choice of footwear yesterday.

The PM, 43, donned a £150 pair of Timberlands to join Border Force crews in Dover before giving a speech on his plan to stop small migrant boats.

But Mr Sunak – who is  no stranger to teasing over his footwear – appears to have taken a mis-step with the boots.

A barrage of hilarious memes erupted online after the lace-ups were clocked by eagle-eyed political fans.

One hilarious Twitter user initiated plenty of laughter by photoshopping onto one giant boot

Another traded on the similarity between the words boat and boot to show the PM all at sea

The shoes were photoshopped to outrageous sizes in many of the funny internet pictures

This gigantic shoe, driven down a street by a tractor, was likened to Rishi’s choice of boot

The PM, who is not very tall, was made to look even smaller in this manipulation of a photo

Plenty piled on with rib-ticking taunts that made play of the shoe’s size compared to their wearer.

And the government slogan of ‘Stop the boats’ were reclaimed in a chuckle-sparking take off of ‘Stop the boots’.

One showed Mr Sunak in a gigantic solo shoe, using it as a boat to cross the Channel. 

Rishi Sunak sported a £150 pair of rugged Timberlands yesterday as he joined border force crews in Dover

The Prime Minister found his fashionably-distressed leather footwear, left, creating something of a stir on social media – where he was mocked by critics

The fashionably-distressed leather footwear, left, whipped up quite the stir on social media – where he was mocked by critics.

One Twitter user posted: ‘Stop the boots! Please, it’s doesn’t make you look like Zelenski (sic)’. Another said: ‘Small boats, massive boots.’

It is not the first time Mr Sunak has pushed the boat out on expensive footwear – in July last year he was spotted wearing £490 Prada suede shoes to a building site.

He has also come under fire for his £180 Bluetooth ‘smart’ coffee cup and a £95 pair of ‘slider’ slip-ons. 

Mr Sunak also went campaigning in a £3,500 suit and £490 Prada shoes. 

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