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Jeffrey Epstein lost interest in pregnant victim, made her recruit underage girls

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sex abuse victims said she brought him at least 70 underage girls after he lost interest in her when she became pregnant, according to a new report.

The victim, only identified as L.M., claimed the perverted financier used her as a recruiter after she got knocked up because he was no longer interested in her, the Daily Mail reported, citing depositions.

To convince her to work for him, Epstein allegedly bought all of the gifts on the victim’s baby shower registry and had them delivered to her house by one of his female drivers, according to the Mail.

In exchange, L.M. told lawyers in one deposition that she visited Epstein more than 50 times between 2002 and 2004, when she was 13 to 16 years old, according to the Mail.

She brought him “over 70 girls,” she added.

It’s unclear if she became pregnant with Epstein’s child or someone else’s.

In the partial court papers posted by the Mail, L.M. recalled in disturbing detail how Epstein sexually abused her.

“Besides standing there with my legs wide open and his little fetish with me pinching his nipples — he is probably getting hard right now — with my little 12-year-old girlfriend standing next to me, both naked, no, I can’t think of any other sexual acts I have done with Jeffrey,” she sarcastically told the lawyers in the deposition.

At one point, she called the former hedge fund manager a “sick motherf–er.”

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