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Jihadi Jack's dad blames son's ISIS fixation on 'extreme OCD' and claims he's 'victim of torture' after British citizenship stripped

JIHADI Jack's dad has blamed his son's ISIS fixation on OCD and claims he's been tortured after the Brit was stripped of his passport.

John Letts has slammed the government for passing the buck to Canada, where the 24-year-old also holds citizenship.

He claimed his son was being tortured by Kurdish forces in the jail where he is currently languishing after fleeing to Syria in 2014 aged 18.

Jack had converted to Islam two years earlier, which his dad today blamed on extreme obsessive compulsive disorder.

Letts told Good Morning Britain: "He was convinced that if he didn’t perform the rituals of Islam properly that he would it would be that sense of doom so he would take an hour to wash.

"It became really dominant."


Jack, from Oxford, infamously declared himself an "enemy of Britain" after fleeing to fight with the terror group in Syria.

He also told the BBC if there was a "battle" he was "ready" to step up and fight.

But after being captured, he meekly pleaded to be allowed back to his Oxfordshire home saying he had "no intention of blowing up Britons."

The Mail on Sunday revealed that the Home Office had scrapped his British passport, now making him the responsibility of the Canadian government.

The decision is said to have sparked fury in Ottawa as officials there say "he had very little to do with Canada."

Letts was entitled to citizenship through his Canadian father John but was born in the UK and grew up in rural Oxfordshire with organic farmer dad and British mum Sally Lane.


It follows the controversy when then Home Secretary Sajid Javid stripped jihadi bride Shamima Begum of her passport – allegedly leaving the London runaway "stateless" as Bangladesh said she was not entitled to citizenship there.

His dad branded Javid's actions unjust and insist it's a cowardly move to pass the buck to Canada.

He said: "The British government is shirking its responsibility its passing on a problem that they should be dealing with.

"The victims of ISIS crime deserve some justice here we are shirking our responsibility and passing it on to the Canadians."

In June, Jihadi Jack's parents were found guilty of funding terrorism after they sent him cash while he was overseas.


Following his parents' conviction, Jack told Sky News: "I hope to see them one day… I really want to see them, more than I have in my whole life."

"They only sent me $300 – I bought glasses and maybe falafel… I didn't buy any nuclear weapons."

The parents were revealed to have ignored repeated warnings he had joined ISIS and sent the cash despite being told by cops three times not to.

Despite airing concerns to a family friend that Letts wanted to fight in Syria, Lane paid for her son to travel to Amman, Jordan on May 26, 2014.

He was due to return on June 5, but he did not, and began to study Arabic in Kuwait – having received £350 from his mother using his real name.

Lane had told jurors she was "horrified" when he rang her to say he was in Syria in September 2014.

She said: "I screamed at him, 'How could you be so stupid? You will get killed. You will be beheaded'."

John Letts begged his son to come home, telling him: "A father should never live to see his son buried."

He went on to accuse him of being a "pawn … helping spread hatred, pain, anger, suffering and violence".

Speaking after the case, the couple said in an emotional statement: "We tried to do the right thing. We fully cooperated with the police and asked them repeatedly for help.

"They promised they would help us, but instead of helping us, they used the information we provided to prosecute us."

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