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Jumping the day away: London parents bring kids to adventure park as Ontario teachers strike

While the teachers walked the picket lines, a handful of London kids impacted by the strike hopped on trampolines.

The Factory, a local indoor adventure park, offered a Bounce All Day deal on Tuesday for kids affected by the ongoing one-day teachers’ strikes.

Tuesday’s strike affected all Ontario Catholic school teachers, as well as certain public high school and elementary school boards, including Thames Valley.

Lacy Boyle is a mom to two children enrolled in grades 2 and 3 in the Catholic school board. She brought her children to The Factory Tuesday to burn off some calories on a not-so-typical day off for the kids.

While the kids had a great time, Boyle says strike days do no good for the parents.

“I don’t think the government is being fair; the teachers deserve to have certain things, and right now, they’re not getting what they need.

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