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Kids reenacting scenes from Squid Game as parents urged not to let them watch

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A Leicester primary school has pleaded with parents to stop their kids watching hit Netflix show Squid Game after some have begun exhibiting "aggressive behaviours" and re-enacting games from the violent series.

The South Korean production is about hundreds of cash-strapped fictional contestants who accept a mysterious invitation to compete in traditional children's games for a huge cash prize, but should they lose, they risk death by a dystopian underworld firing squad.

The show has been a mega-hit, being watched some 111 million times in its first 28 days since its release on September 17.

Among those were children from Evington Valley Primary School, Leicester despite the show's age restriction of 17, due to its mega violent and sometimes sexual scenes.

This led the school's vice head Mr A. Manning to send a letter to parents, stating that the school is "concerned" by some of the behaviour exhibited by its children, LeicestershireLive reports.

The letter, sent Monday, reminded parents that the show is "not age-appropriate" for any of the children at the school, which caters for students from three to 11-years-old.

It asks parents for "support" after youngsters were seen acting out games from the "graphic" and "violent" programme, and exhibiting "aggressive behaviours".

The letter stated: "It has come to our attention that a number of children in school have been watching a Netflix television programme called Squid Game.

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"Some children have told us that they have viewed the programme alone and some have informed us that they have watched the programme with adults in the home.

"Children watching the series are being exposed to graphic, realistic scenes of violence and other material which is entirely inappropriate for this age group."

The school was "concerned" that there had been occasions when children had been giving out money as a "consequence" of a game "influenced" by the programme. Children are barred from taking cash into school.

It said it would be monitoring the situation and would contact parents as and when staff became aware of youngsters having watched the show.

The letter stated: "Please be aware of the dangers of this TV programme for your children, and support us in keeping your children safe.

"Can I also please remind you that it is against school rules for children to bring money into school so we would ask that parents monitor to ensure no money is brought in."

The Daily Star has contacted the school for comment.

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