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Killer mom Oreanna Myers who shot & burned five kids was 'obsessed with WITCHCRAFT and performed rituals'

KILLER mom Oreanna Myers, who shot five children before burning down their home and taking her own life, was obsessed with witchcraft and performed rituals, The Sun can exclusively reveal.

The 25-year-old at the center of the shocking massacre in West Virginia killed her children – Kian, four, Aarikyle, three, and Haiken, one – along with her stepchildren, Shaun, seven, and Riley, six, on December 8.

Cops confirmed she then set fire to their five-bedroom farmhouse and fatally shot herself outside as it burned to the ground, with fire-fighters searching for days amongst the rubble for remains.

Devastated Raven Bumgarner, the mother of Shaun and Riley, told The Sun exclusively that Myers was into witchcraft, would plan rituals and kept tarot cards, crystals, and dead butterflies in jars.

"She was into witchcraft, she would post things on her Facebook and Instagram," Raven, 27, said.

"She was always talking about the phases of the moon and these rituals and tarot cards and different books and witchy things.

"She was like, 'Oh this moon is in this phase, this is a ritual for new beginnings, I'm going to go and run naked in the fields."

Raven said her ex-husband Brian was also aware of Oreanna's "bizarre" obsession with witchcraft and spiritualism, adding: "She had put stuff together.

"She had a glass jar together that she had for Brian with some of her crystals, and she collected dead butterflies, she had them in jars."

Although her Facebook has been deleted, her Instagram, with the handle @glowing_goddess520, is still active, and features dozens of spirituals memes and photographs of jars filled with dead insects.

One reads: "Honestly, go ahead and be kooky and get into weird mystical sh** or whatever."

Others also show graphic sexual drawings of tattooed women passionately embracing.

Asked if she thinks Oreanna's interest in rituals played a part in the tragedy, Raven replied: "Maybe, in the suicide note she kept referring to how her demons won."

Myers left four letters including a full confession, telling her family: "This is no one's fault but my own. My demons won over me.

"Sorry, I wasn't strong enough," whilst also complaining about the lack of support for those struggling with mental health problems.

One of her notes, written for her husband, was left in their family vehicle, while the three others were placed inside a plastic bag and taped to a side-view mirror, including numbers, a confession and a will.

A cloth decorated with a spiral symbol and a glass jar with a crystal inside were also found inside the vehicle.

Greenbrier County Sheriff Bruce Sloan revealed the five young children were found inside the home in Williamsburg with shotgun wounds to the head.

Myers was discovered outside near a picnic table, wearing a coat with a hood. She also had a mysterious red line drawn from ear-to-ear across her face, according to cops.

The red line was also seen on surveillance video yet to be released, when she went to pick up two of her sons from the bus stop after their school day.

Sloan explained one boy is seen asking Myers: "What is the blood on your face?"

Myers responded: "I drew on myself," prompting her four-year-old son Kian, to say: "You drew on yourself?"

Not long after, the house was set on fire – and Myers' body was later found, with the red line still on her face.

Sloan recalled Myers was wearing the same coat in the video, adding: "You could still see the red mark drawn across the bridge of her nose underneath her eyes."

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Sloan said: "There was history that Oreanna was involved in some occult practices, witchcraft and spiritualism, contacting the dead.

"It's not normal, is it unheard of? No," he added, saying despite her interests he did not believe it was a ritual killing.

The bodies of the children have yet to be returned to the families for them to organize funerals, although they did hold a memorial for the little ones and a candle-lit service.

Sheriff Sloan said the report from the medical examiner's office could take a year to come back.

Raven told The Sun: "Right now, there really isn't anything left [of their bodies] so I just figured we are going to cremate them and have urns picked out."

She also previously spoke about her grief, saying she felt her soul had been "ripped out."

She told The Sun exclusively: "How could you do that to children? They had full lives ahead of them.

"I feel she was of complete sound mind, she didn't write me a letter, she was selfish and she wanted to hurt people.

"This was planned, and I can't get my boys back, she murdered my babies."

Raven, who also has three-year-old Khari from a previous relationship, branded Oreanna "evil" and added: "It's hard. It really is hard, I probably wouldn't be here if I didn't have my daughter.

"I'd always told my kids, 'Mommy's always here, mommy always comes back,' but mommy couldn't stop this."

She paid tribute to her young sons who were tragically taken from her, saying: "I did raise good boys.

"They were smart and had very good manners, I was proud of them."

Raven also claimed her ex Brian already has a new girlfriend, and the couple have been seen around town just weeks after the tragedy.

"I went to school with her, she's always been around," Raven alleged.

"People were very confused, but he'd rather not be alone than take care of his responsibilities.

The Sun has made several attempts to contact Brian for comment, but was unsuccessful.

He previously wrote on Facebook he was going through a "truly dark time" after the family tragedy.

Brian wrote: "I just wanted to say sorry and thank you to everyone reaching out to me and messaging me.

"I can't get back to all of you but in a truly dark time, I feel like I could fall and all of you guys would catch me.

"It gives me something… I don't know what. Maybe it be hope or strength or grit, I don't know. All I know is I have something and that's not nothing!!!"

Myers had texted him before she committed the crimes, complaining he was staying at his father's in the week to be closer to work after their car was rendered unusable from an accident.

In one devastating message, she wrote: "You'll have nothing to come back to but to corpse [sic]. No one cares why should I?'

"Money will come and go, once I go there's no replacing me. I beg and cry for help but never get it.

"It's my mental health that needs tending to – help me – I do not care anymore."

"I'm so sorry Brian," she also wrote to her husband after killing the children and herself.

"I was not strong enough for you or this family. My head is so [expletive].

"I'm sorry for my evil crime. I was not strong enough to fight these demons, Snap. Crunch, Boom. So depressed. Heart numb. Soul completely shattered.

"I am sorry I failed you. I am sorry I failed our handsome boys. I am so sorry I was not strong enough. OAM."

The Sun has also reached out to Myers' family for comment, but did not receive a reply.

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