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Kim Jong-un joined by mysterious new female aide

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Kim Jong-un has been joined once again by a new aide who has been described in numerous reports as “mysterious”. She is just the latest in a series of women who have been tasked to work alongside the Supreme Leader.

There is speculation the aide could be related to Kim – perhaps an up-til-now hidden sister.

In a recent appearance, the woman, dressed smartly and wearing glasses, carried what is understood to have been the Supreme Leader’s latest speech on nuclear weapons.

Kim told the world his country would never give up these weapons – that its nuclear status was “irreversible”.

This came amid reports North Korea is appearing to be preparing to resume nuclear testing for the first time in five years.

The aide, both on this occasion and also in the past, could also be seen carrying a large handbag.

Some reports suggest this could contain items required by Kim, such as his phone, medicine and cigarettes.

American website NK News first reported on the woman’s presence in April this year.

At this time it speculated that she could be Kim’s “mysterious half-sister” Kim Sol Song.

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The Supreme Leader’s sister is reported to have remained active in the country’s leadership for some time, though (previously, at least) behind the scenes.

In April, NK News said: “The new assistant has been seen hovering close to Kim holding a large handbag during four of his public appearances this month, and she was seen handing the DPRK leader his speech at a large party event at the end of February.

“She also appeared walking away from and towards limousines he was using during two of Kim’s appearances this week, though available footage did not show her directly getting in or out of the vehicles.”

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Reporters have been relying on state media images and video footage to track the aide’s behaviour.

Kim Jong-un (38) is understood to have three sisters.

These are Kim Yo-jong (34), Kim Sol-song (47) and Kim Hey-kyung (54).

Beyond these, the Supreme Leader has at least two half-sisters, reports suggest.

These are named Kim Sol Song and Kim Chun Song and were both born in the early-to-mid 1970s, according to NK News.

The site adds that the new “mysterious” aide appears to be younger than these two women would be today.

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