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Kim Jong-un lookalike receives North Korea deaths threats for ‘mocking dictator’

A Kim Jong-un impersonator says he receives death threats from North Koreans angry at him for "mocking" the dictator.

Kim Ming-yong, from South Korea, has been impersonating the tubby tyrant for 10 years since Kim Jong-un rose to power across the border after the death of his father.

The doppelganger has even got an unflattering haircut similar to the one sported by his famous alter ego.

Also known as Dragon Kim, Kim Ming-yong has his own YouTube channel, KIMJONGUN TV that features videos of himself mocking the the humourless but powerful dictator.

This gig has landed Dragon Kim in hot water over the years, including receiving death threats from angry North Koreans for mocking their leader.

He told CBS News: "North Korean supporters say: 'If you mock our Dear Leader, you will be in trouble, like, big trouble!"

Dragon Kim admits he was "really scared" of the threats, although nothing has ever come of them.

However when Dragon Kim was in Vietnam for Kim Jong-un's historic meeting with Donald Trump in Vietnam in 2019, the impersonator was locked up by Vietnamese police for six days, just in case the visiting North Koreans found out and didn't see the funny side of his antics.

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Ahead of the same meeting, the Vietnamese authorities deported another Kim Jong-un impersonator, Howard X, from Hong Kong, reports the BBC.

Kim Jong-un is also the source of many rumours, including that he uses a body double.

The dictator recently appeared gaunt and miserable in a televised appearance marking the 10th anniversary of his fathers death, sparking fresh speculation over his health.

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