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Lag urges fellow inmates to move to new prison with clean air and country lakes

A female lag has urged fellow lags to request a move to East Sutton Park jail, saying it’s ‘lovely’ and like staying in a manor house.

The woman, calling herself only T Hayes, said that the open prison in Kent – home to around 100 women – was stunning. She said there were herds of horses in the 84-acre grounds, and that inmates could go for ‘country walks’ by a lake in the grounds in the evening, as well as tucking into ‘great food’.

The jail is famed for its sausages and lamb chops, sourced by its own herd of saddleback pigs and flock of sheep. Writing in the latest September issue of lags’ mag Inside Time, the inmate said she had recently been moved from another closed jail and was revelling in life in an open prison.

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She said: “Wow! What a difference East Sutton Park is after being in closed conditions. As you come up the long drive of the prison, in front of you is a great big house standing within the surrounding trees and greenery.

“Horses look towards the van as it goes past them. It is such a wonderful sight to see animals again. You breathe the clean air as you exit the transport, there are friendly staff to meet you with a smile, they are very warm and welcoming.

“Once you are booked into your room there are no locked doors and no bars on the windows. Staff do their best to put you in with someone you know or someone who you get on with.

“The food here is great, and you get a choice of jobs after a day or two of being here as the staff encourage us to become independent making our own choices.

“Healthcare is second to none as they look after women with complex needs. You have access to the gym, which is great, and lake walks on a Friday evening in the summer!

“Education is so much better than in the closed system. It took me a couple of weeks to settle in so please give yourself time if you come here.

“Please do not believe all that you hear about East Sutton Park, it really is a positive place to live and to start a fresh life.”

Prisoners at HMP East Sutton Park can train as baristas, work in the farm, or even take jobs in local supermarkets. Former lags at the jail include murderer Jane Andrews and Black Widow Linda Calvey.

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