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Letters to the Editor — April 26, 2021

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The Issue: Michael Goodwin’s column flagging the transformation of the once-wordy, moderate Biden.

Michael Goodwin correctly discerns a discomfiting change in the man who the national left-wing media sold to the American people as “Moderate Joe,”, (“”Old Joe vs. New Joe,”, April 25).

That consummate Washington swamp crea­ture — who now sits atop the American government due to a fugazy election — mindlessly bad-mouths America as “systematically racist” before the world.

He is that wind-up White House toy that the radical Democrats wished for.

Instead of “Moderate Joe,” we’re saddled with a faltering figurehead president in league with all the neo-Marxist reprobates in his party.

James Hyland


President Biden began his first 100 days in office by closing down the Keystone Pipeline project, putting 11,000 workers on the unemployment line.

He proceeded to implement his own left-wing agenda, by reversing the policies instituted by former President Donald Trump, especially those on our southern border.

He has pandered to the left by perpetrating a lie that this nation is wrought with systemic racism.

I know this is a lie because I live in a neighborhood where all people, white, black and brown, coexist. Nobody is running around shouting racist epithets, and everybody gets along.

As far as the reversal of policies that opened the border to, “come one, come all,” it has turned into a crisis, which everyone recognizes — except the members of the Biden administration.

Richard Ketay

Newark, NJ

It should be easy for any thinking individual to realize that there is no “new Joe.”

All the so-called ideas that he comes up with are conveniently placed by his left-wing handlers on a TelePrompTer for him to read (hesitantly). The fact that he is incapable of answering questions in a rational manner should be a clear tip- off.

Bill Isler

Floral Park

Biden is bought and paid for. He’s not making policy or leading the Democratic Party. He is the person who can be controlled by those in charge behind the scenes.

Robert Fishman


The Issue: Whether Washington, DC, should be granted statehood and taxation with representation.

If it’s really congressional representation for Washington, DC, residents that the Democrats are after, why does no one propose simply absorbing the Ddistrict’s residential areas back into the state of Maryland, from whence itthey came originally (“House backs DC statehood,” April 23)?

Then they’ll have their stated goal of full representation!

Terry Valentine

Phoenix, Ariz.

I recall when we added the 49th star to our flag, and the 50th. Now it is time to add another for the people of DC.

Our great nation was founded when we fought against taxation without representation. The folks in DC have been taxed without representation for decades, and now is the chance to rectify that.

Now we need the Senate to vote on the issue of statehood for DC.

Ken Abraham

Dover, Del.

Passing a bill to make the District of Columbia a state is just another power grab for the Democrats. They know this will add two senators and at least one additional member of the House for the Democratic Party.

This and stacking the Supreme Court is their way of controlling this country for a long time to come.

Stephen Colasacco

The Bronx

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