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Lion with ‘brain disorder’ sent two schools into lockdown when on the loose

Two schools were locked down on Monday as there was a mountain lion on the loose nearby. It was later revealed that the big cat was suffering from a rare neurological disorder.

The adult female was initially spotted on a path near to Evergreen Elementary School in Rohnert Park, California, on Monday morning.

The school, along with nearby Lawrence Jones Middle School, was put into lockdown at around 8am with the beast still at large.

Experts from California's Department of Fish and Game were called in to snare the Mountain Lion.

At the time, the department said: "We would like the mountain lion to move back to her home on her own."

After a few hours of trying authorities were unable to get the mountain lion to move on from the school area by itself, hence they were forced to tranquilise it.

The department said that they found a GPS tracking device on the cat when it was captured.

Quinton Martins, who leads the Audubon Canyon Ranch’s Living With Lions project tracking big cats, was part of the team that responded to the crisis.

Martins told The Press Democrat that his organisation has been aware of the animal since it was three-months-old, adding that it is nicknamed "Wobbly" due to a rare condition.

He said: "She’s got a strange sort of neurological disorder, which she’s had since she was a kitten.

"But she’s quite capable of hunting normal, natural prey like deer."

It transpired that the cat was outside of its normal range, around 25% lighter than usual and dehydrated possibly due to California's ongoing drought. Hence why it wasn't behaving normally, say experts.

Dr Dan Famini, a veterinarian at nearby Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue, said: "It wasn’t hiding and being its usual reclusive self.

"People living in Sonoma County are living with lions.

"But they’re an insignificant threat to people from a human safety point of view."

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