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Long-range forecast: Snowstorm hell to hit UK as Europe engulfed by -22C Arctic freeze

BBC Weather: UK set for freezing temperatures and snow

Bitterly cold polar air is expected to push over into the UK from an easterly direction at the end of next week, bringing wintry conditions including snow with it. Temperatures in Scotland are predicted to plummet as low as -8C on Sunday, February 8, according to the latest models from WXCHARTS. North west England including Carlisle and the Lake District could see lows of -2C on the same day, while southern regions including London may be hit with -1C.

But the cold air is likely to pulverise parts of Europe next weekend, as the maps show Grodno in western Belarus seeing -22C next Sunday at 6am.

Gdansk in northern Poland could also be hit with a bitter -18C and Alytus in southern Lithuania is predicted to see a chilly -20C.

Forecasters have predicted the wintry condition to blast 25 inches (65cm) of heavy snow into eastern Scotland at the same time.

Cumbria may also see 5 inches (14cm) settle too.

Brian Gaze at The Weather Outlook warned of cold air bringing snowy conditions to the UK.

He said: “Forecast uncertainty increases from Wednesday. At the moment it looks like staying cold in Scotland and possibly northern England.

“In the south, it will be milder for a time but colder air probably returns southwards during the second half of the week.”

The BBC’s long-range forecast warned of “sharp cold air” bringing more snow by Sunday, February 7.

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It said: “Next week, as the colder air lingers over the country from Sunday into Monday, there will be a more widespread risk of lowland snow Monday night and into Tuesday morning.

“This is due to yet another advancing front from the west bringing bands of snow and cold rain.

“The front will also bring in some milder Atlantic air, so temperatures will recover to a bit above normal for southern areas.

“From midweek through the end of the working week, lows will weaken and drift away to the south with bands of rain or wintry precipitation easing for most.

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“It will also slowly turn colder with temperatures dropping to near or a bit below average.

“High pressure is expected to build over Scandinavia as we head into the weekend.

“This will lead to the development of a strong easterly wind on Saturday and Sunday. This will bring a sharp cold air from Russia into the UK and may well bring some wintry showers to eastern areas.

“There is some uncertainty on the magnitude of the cold at the moment, which is highly sensitive to the exact strength of the high (and easterly winds through North Europe).”

The BBC also warned of winter storms blasting the UK later in the month.

The forecast said: “The cold snaps in early-February may tend to last a few more days compared to late-January.

“As the low pressure systems move in from the sub-tropical Atlantic, they will be able to tap into some warmer air to give them a bit more energy.

“There is a chance that we can see a few stronger winter storms push through bringing some significant winds or rain.”

The Met Office’s forecast between Wednesday, February 2 and Friday, February 12 added snow showers causing hazardous conditions around the UK next week.

The forecast said: “Wintry precipitation is likely to persist over northern areas on Wednesday, showers in the far southwest.

“Elsewhere rather cloudy with plenty of dry weather.

“Mild at first in the south; though high pressure building up over the north of the UK during this period is likely to bring easterly winds, cold temperatures, and coastal snow showers.

“A pattern of wintry showers persisting across the far north, elsewhere seeing mostly fine weather, widespread frosts, fog, and icy patches.

“Eastern parts seeing the most hazardous conditions, with further snow showers likely.

“The south and west will see the most of any organised rain and snow.

“But frontal systems are generally not expected to progress across the country.”

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