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Luxury lives of TikTok superstars who buy mansions at 18, splash out £23k on TRAINERS & are best pals with Kardashians

THEY spend what seems like every waking minute posting viral videos on TikTok – from dance routines to cute selfies with their pets.

But while it may look like a waste of time to many, these young social media stars are actually raking in a fortune from their endless streams of clips.

Just this week, 16-year-old Charli D'Amelio became the first TikTok star in the world to surpass 100million followers on the video-sharing platform.

She can now command tens of thousands of pounds per sponsored post, making her one of the most powerful influencers in the world. 

But she’s not the only teen lucky enough to be cashing in on their TikTok fame. 

Here’s the lowdown on the biggest TikTok names right now, and their very luxurious lifestyles… 

£23k trainers & £75k per post

Who? Charli D’Amelio and sister Dixie D’Amelio

Followers: 101m and 44.8m

Likes: 7.9bn and 1.5bn

Net worth: £3m and £2.1m

US social media star sisters Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, 18, have become so popular they're even launching their own reality show, and are rivalling the Kardashians in the fame stakes. 

In fact, the pair are more popular on TikTok than all the Kardashians put together.

They moved to LA before the pandemic and now rent a luxury mansion with a pool – the perfect backdrop to film their content.

The sisters live at the pad with their glamorous former model and photographer mum Heidi, 48, and politician father Marc, 51.

And they're certainly enjoying the perks their newfound fame brings, landing partnerships with big brands including Hollister jeans.

Charli can command up to £75,000 per post, according to Cosmopolitan. 

It means they can afford to treat their family to the finer things, with dancer Charli recently getting singer Dixie £23,000 trainers for her birthday.

However it’s not all rosy – the family reportedly had to pay for a full security team to protect them after a social media follower threatened to turn up at their home. 

Previously the sisters regularly posted videos from TikTok's famous Hype House – a collective of young TikTok content creators that live together at a mansion in LA and help promote each other’s channels. 

The Kardashians' BFF & TikTok’s highest earner

Who? Addison Rae

Followers: 69.9m 

Likes: 4.4bn

Net worth: £3.7m

She’s made friends with some of the world’s biggest stars, and has nearly 70million TikTok followers, so it’s no wonder Addison Lee, 19, is one of the platform’s biggest names right now. 

Known for her dance moves, Addison rose to fame after a routine she did to Mariah Carey’s Obsessed went viral – with the singer herself liking it. 

She topped Forbes’s highest-paid TikTok stars earlier this year, out-earning Charli. 

Now, thanks to her new-found fame, Addison flaunts her luxurious life on social media, with dozens of pool pics, holiday snaps and designer clothes and jewellery. 

Earlier this year the star was also gifted a white Jeep – her dream car. 

She’s also set to make her acting debut, starring in the remake of rom-com She’s All That, and recently modelled for Kim Kardashain-West’s Skims shapewear collection. 

Her own house & jeep at 18

Who? Loren Gray 

Followers: 49.6m 

Likes: 2.7bn

Net worth: £1.9m 

Singer Loren was the most followed influencer on the app when she first joined in 2015, and has been linked to Brit singer and Strictly contestant HRVY.  

She began her social media career by posting singing videos, and has released eight singles and obtained a deal with Virgin Records. 

Loren – who starred in Taylor Swift’s music video The Man – has also had sponsored content deals with brands such as Hyundai, Burger King and Revlon.

And she is set to release her own jewellery collection off the back of her TikTok success. 

When she turned 18 earlier this year, Loren treated herself to a white Range Rover, thought to be worth approximately £75,000. And in October, she bought her own house, featuring a spiral staircase.

While it sounds like a lot for a teen, considering the fact she earns around £30,000 a post, she can more than afford it. 

A Hollywood mansion with recording studio

Who? Spencer X

Followers: 49m

Likes: 1.2bn

Net worth: £900k

He’s one of social media’s biggest names and now lives in a Hollywood mansion that boasts its own studio, but Spencer X – real name Spencer Polanco Knight – has set his sights beyond just making TikTok videos. 

At the still-tender age of 28, he’s a fair few years older than most TikTok stars, but that hasn’t stopped him. 

Speaking to Forbes, Spencer said: “I’m going to be the largest man-made business within the entertainment industry.

“I’m going to beatbox at the Grammy’s. I’m going to beatbox with Beyonce. And my dream dream is that I want to perform at the Super Bowl.”

He earns money directly from TikTok’s Creators Fund, and also has brand sponsorships with Oreo, Sony, Sketchers and HBO. 

The former Navy vet & TikTok newbie

Who? Bella Poarch

Followers: 44m

Likes: 779m 

Net worth: Estimated £225k

Bella only joined TikTok in April this year, but has amassed 44million followers already.

According to some reports, she is thought to already have a net worth of around £225,000 – not bad for just eight months' worth of TikTok stardom. 

The US Navy Vet, who was born in the Philippines before moving to the states and is thought to currently live in Hawaii, may not have been around for very long but she’s already collaborated with some big names. 

She’s been linked to Kylie Jenner’s ex Tyga, and is also friends with celeb make-up artist and social media personality James Charles, who is also friends with Charli and Dixie D’Amelio. 

The 19-year-old is known mainly for her expressive facial features and lip-syncing videos, and she’s often jetsetting to glam locations and posing for bikini pics. 

The star regularly flaunts her heavily tattooed body. When asked by a fan why she has so many, Bella posted a video captioned: “I had a rough childhood. My scars from abuse make me insecure and so I had to cover my scars with tattoos.”

Mates with Justin Bieber 

Who? Riyaz Aly

Followers: 43.6m

Likes: 2.1bn likes

Net worth: £1.5m 

Born in India, 17-year-old Riyaz Aly is a huge name in fashion blogging, and regularly posts images and videos showcasing his unique style. 

In almost every image, Riyaz, who is also an actor, shows off his impressive watch collection. He also regularly poses on flash motorbikes and owns a red Mercedes sports car.

Riyaz has some very famous pals, and recently featured in a live session with pop singer Justin Bieber on Instagram, where the pair discussed, among other things, India’s situation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘Pushing to be top influencer’ 

Who? Michael Le 

Followers: 42.3m

Likes: 1.2bn

Net worth: £900k 

Known for his dances and lip-syncing videos often featuring his five-year-old brother, Michael lives in an LA mansion, and has started his own collective, called Shluv. 

Speaking to Media Kix, Michael,20, modestly revealed: “I want to just become a mogul where anything I touch just turns to gold!

“Long-term, I definitely want to be a super-established YouTuber. I want to be one of the top YouTubers like I am now on TikTok. I want to take over YouTube. 

“I definitely want to be the person who is able to 'do it all' in a sense.”

He also told Forbes that he is “pushing to be the top influencer on TikTok”.

Earlier this year, two of Michael's videos that show him dancing on an escalator became among the most-shared TikToks with nearly half a billion views. 

He also has plenty of sponsorship deals, including a year-long partnership with Bang energy drinks. And his advert for liquid hand soap Safeguard hit 100m views. 

Serial social influencer dater

Who? Baby Ariel 

Followers: 34.8m

Likes: 1.9bn

Net worth: £4.4m

Baby Ariel, real name Ariel Rebecca Martin, first rose to fame on the app before joining TikTok. 

The 20-year-old began working on her music career in 2017 and released her first single “Aww” in the same year. 

Since Baby Ariel’s first song release, her 2018 video “Perf” currently has over 37million views on YouTube.

According to Film Daily, it’s been rumored Baby Ariel has been linked to TikToker Jacob Sartorius, singer Daniel Skye, TikToker Zach Clayton, and TikTok star Blake Gray. 

Now, she’s currently dating influencer Milo Murphy, who has 558,000 TikTok followers. 

Her first car, when she was 17, was a black Mercedes. And her Instagram shows images of her taking a private jet.

While it can’t be easy living in the public eye given the prevalence of trolling, based on these influencers, it seems like the pay-off can be more than worth it. 

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