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Man calls airport staff ‘speccy b******’ in vile rant after boarding denied

A vile plane passenger was caught on camera launching a foul-mouthed rant at airport staff after he was blocked from boarding.

The man, who reportedly works for Qatargas, called the female worker a "fat, speccy b******" as he stood in front of the gate at Edinburgh Airport.

Footage sent to Daily Record shows the oil and gas worker defending his right to free speech before making remarks at the women.

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A worker urged him to stop and he shouted back: "I don't give a flying f***, sweetheart.

"I'll speak wherever I want in Scotland because I'm a Scotsman. Freedom of speech.

"Away and dye your f****** roots, they look like they've been planted in the garden five years ago."

One worker in hi-vis jacket asked him to stop recording for data protection reasons, but the unruly passenger argued: "This is Scotland.

"I can film wherever the f*** I want.

"I could even film in Buckingham Palace if I want, alright, sweetheart?

"What you going to do, pal? Are you going to do something about it, pal?"

He then went on boasting about his work, shouting: "You think this is a f***ing holiday?

"I'm going to work. I work for Qatargas, mate. The moment they tell me I can't get on the flight it's fine because I still get f***ing paid, mate.

"$1,500 a day my man."

Police Scotland confirmed that the man was issued with a recorded warning following the incident, which happened in May.

A spokesperson for Edinburgh Airport said it was a matter for the airline involved.

A spokesperson for Swissport, the company which operates check-in desks at Edinburgh Airport on behalf of Qatar Airways, said: "Our people have the right to work in a safe environment and, whilst we are committed to helping passengers, Swissport will not hesitate to take a zero-tolerance approach to anyone who subjects them to abusive, violent or threatening behaviour."

Daily Star has contacted Qatargas for comment.

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