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Man disrobes and walks around house completely naked in the middle of Zoom call

A man was caught on camera taking off his robe and walking around his home completely naked during a public meeting.

The awkward encounter happened on Tuesday morning as the members of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce held an online conference via Zoom.

The meeting, which was livestreamed on Facebook to public, shows a member emerging from the corridor and taking off his robe.

The man appears to have no idea that the camera is on while he walks around his house naked.

At one point, he returns to his computer and sits down to attend the meeting.

Other members from the committee are not seen reacting to the accidental flashing on camera.

During the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, zoom meeting failures have become people's favourite past-time.

One bizarre video filmed in Brazil shows city councillors for Rio de Janeiro attempt to continue their meeting while a naked man enthusiastically romps with an unknown woman.

A man appeared an online court hearing with a very rude screen name and called an "idiot" by the judge.

Nathaniel Saxton appeared regarding a count of possession of drug paraphernalia in the city of Three Rivers in Michigan with a screen name as "Buttf***er3000".

Another hilarious blunder was also spotted at a virtual courtroom. Attorney Rod Ponton was caught on video trying to frantically tell the judge he was "not a cat".

The conversation went as he asked, with a kitten's mouth moving out of sync: "Can you hear me, Judge?"

"I can hear you… I think it’s a filter," replies Judge Ferguson.

The lawyer replies: "I’ve got my assistant here and she’s trying to… I’m prepared to go forward with it. I’m here live. I’m not a cat."

One mortifying video showed what happened when a young lad's mum walked into the background completely naked while he was on a video call with his teacher and classmates.

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