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Man dressed as The Joker livestreamed threats to kill – but says it was ‘a joke’

A fella who dressed up as The Joker before livestreamng threats to bomb and kill people has said his actions were a joke – and he was just behaving "in character".

Jeremy Garnier, 51, from St Louis, livestreamed his unsettling rant via Facebook for nearly an hour as he dressed up as the Batman villain in his bedroom before driving to various locations and restaurants in the town, reports St Louis Post-Dispatch.

After being turned away from several venues, he entered popular diner and music venue Blueberry Hill and ordered a lemonade while making the threats and raving about ending America's opioid crisis.

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The paper reports police arrived at the restaurant in response to a call for an active shooter to discover ex-opioid addict Garnier was unarmed.

Garnier, who has spent more than 20 years behind bars for crimes including robbing a credit union to support his former crack habit, then he never intended to threaten anyone.

He said: "I was talking like The Joker.

“I was in character. Everybody knew that it was a joke and that I had no intentions of following through with a threat.”

A D-grade joker on all accounts, Garnier pleaded guilty to a misdemeanour charge of making a terrorist threat to reduce this time spent in jail. He was sentenced to 60 days behind bars by a Missouri Court, reports the New York Post, with his five-and-half months already spent in the slammer for the incident taken into account.

Reflecting on the incident, Garnier, who is now sober and off the drugs, said: “Think before you act. Your actions have repercussions. No matter how trivial and joking I thought it was, people took it seriously.”

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As part of his probation conditions, Garnier must not wear a costume of make up in public. He is also banned from taking part in performance art, such as dressing up as a character.

This means the ex-felon can't dress up as The Joke anymore or as his other deranged clown character Clouty the Clown, which Garnier says chases the "power that comes from popularity".


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