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Man finds his wife has died after going to bed with a sore shoulder

Horrified husband finds his wife has died after she went to bed complaining of a sore shoulder

  • Mother-of-two Clare , 41, died suddenly of a pulmonary embolism in January 
  • If you are experiencing symptoms, listed below, call 999 or go to A&E 

Richard Duffy was horrified to find his wife, Clare Duffy, 41, had died after going to bed with a sore shoulder.

The mother-of-two woke up one morning with an aching pain. She thought a hot bath and a sleep would ease her pain.

Richard, 38, dialled the emergency services when he found his wife unresponsive on 8 January but his wife was already dead.

He told the Manchester Evening News: ‘I was emotionally distraught. I was screaming.

He said: ‘It doesn’t feel real but it all feels like a blur. It went by so quickly.’

Clare was reported to have died from a pulmonary embolism. 

Clare Duffy (L) and her husband Richard (R) pictured in a photo shared by the family

Clare Duffy, pictured right, died suddenly from a pulmonary embolism in January

A pulmonary embolism is caused by a sudden blockage in the blood vessel in the lungs.

Pulmonary means relating to the lungs.

An embolism is an blockage of the blood flow through the arteries or veins.

They occur when a clump of material – most often blood – gets stuck.

Symptoms vary but include:

  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Coughing up blood
  • Feeling faint

Call 999 or go to A&E if you have severe difficulty breathing, a very fast heartrate or if someone has passed out.

The condition is treatable with anticoagulant medicine, which stops clots getting bigger. 

Clare was described as a ‘beautiful, wonderful and bubbly’ person who ‘everybody liked’.

Richard and Clare were due to celebrate their ten-year wedding anniversary before Clare passed away.

‘Everybody she met liked her,’ Richard said. ‘Her family was her main interest.

‘Any spare time she spent with her daughter, son, nephews or nieces.’ 

Richard said teenagers Harry and Alice are still struggling to come to terms with their mum’s passing. ‘My son is still closed off. It was worse for my daughter,’ he said.

‘While I was on the phone to paramedics, her bedroom was right next door. She heard everything that was going on.’

Richard has started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the funeral of his wife and her mother, who died three weeks prior.

At the time of writing, the family have raised £4,239 of their £5,000 target. 

The description reads: ‘I am humbly asking for a little help so that I can give Clare and her mum the send off they deserve and I am in the process of trying to do this.

‘I know Clare and Cath were both loved by so many of the people they met in their eventful lives and I am hoping to show that one more time.’

You can donate to the cause here. 

A funeral date for Clare and her mother has been set for 14 February. 

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