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Man forced to move into his car as he can no longer afford rent for council flat

A bloke says he's been forced to move into his car after he revealed he could no longer afford the rent for his council flat.

Mental health worker Gareth Ward, who earns £1,000 a month, has said he can no longer afford the one-bed flat due to the cost-of-living crisis.

As a result of the £700-a-month rent, along with the £120 monthly council tax, as well as the increase in gas prices and costs of living in the area, Ward has had to turn to his motor for housing.

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All of those costs come before the mental health worker has even had the chance to buy food, with the 48-year-old now awaiting eviction after no longer paying his rent.

Instead of renting the flat, Ward has taken the decision to move into his 15-year-old Vauxhall Zafira when he is evicted from his flat, which he believes will happen later this year.

Ward, from Norwich, said: "It's a scary move, a huge life change. But I've got no ties, my bosses know what I'm doing and at this point, the pros outweigh the cons.

"I can be free from the burden of debt and bills and make my life as comfortable as I can in what would otherwise be a potentially dangerous situation."

Transforming his motor into a new home through a series of online DIY videos, Ward has revamped the vehicle to include a camping gas cooker and a kettle.

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Alongside those preparations are an "arctic level" sleeping bag, a PureGym membership for shower facilities and a boot storage for the car.

Ward added: "I've struggled with paying rent for a tiny one-bed flat for three years, and on top of paying for a car it's become impossible. I'm fed up with it, all I do is work and sleep, whilst struggling to eat.

"I suffer from anxiety but with this plan, I can take to the open road. I won't be struggling anymore and I'll be able to afford a warm meal."

He added he has it "all figured out" and will use his motor to travel around and improve his mental health in the process.

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