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Man found alive — nine years after his family 'cremated him' | The Sun

AN ELDERLY man has been found alive — nine years after his family “cremated him”.

Grandad Zhuo Kangluo was seen acting strangely last August, but cops could not identify him as he refused to answer their questions.

A DNA test on Tuesday matched him with his brother, which means a another man who died in a car accident nine years ago was wrongly identified as him by relatives.

Nursing home resident Zhuo went missing in China in 2014 after he escaped from a hospital.

His grandson recently saw a missing persons poster for the man who was seen acting strangely, and noticed the likeness.

He went to visit him and on arrival the man began crying. He was then able to write out the names of his family.


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Authorities in Chongqing are now trying to identify the dead man previously thought to be Zhuo.

The real Zhou has been re-registered as alive and is receiving care.

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