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Man hangs dead RABBIT on front gate of a family home

Bizarre moment man hangs dead RABBIT on front gate of a family home as police appeal for information

  • The man was caught tying the rabbit corpse to the homeowner’s front gate
  • The homeowner’s Ring doorbell in Staffordshire has been released by the police
  • Stafforfshire Police are now looking to trace the yob who tied a note to the rabbit

This is the horrifying moment that a man hanged a dead rabbit on a homeowner’s front gate.

The man begins approaching the gate under the cover of darkness.

He then ties the animal corpse to the other side of the gate with what seems to be a note.

The man swings the rabbit corpse over the gate before making his getaway in Staffordshire

He then makes his getaway, seemingly not knowing that his reprehensible actions were being caught on camera. 

The dead pet was put on the gate in Stonnall, Staffordshire at around 10.25pm.

The thuggish act was caught on camera on the homeowner’s Ring camera doorbell.

The rabbit appeared to have a note attached to it by the yob who police are now searching for

The act was reminiscent of the famous scene in The Godfather in which a horse’s head was placed in the bed of a traitor.

Little is known about the motives of the yob commiting this act.

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