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Man spends years building tropical mansion and plans to give it way for free

A stunning historical home in the US complete with its own bamboo rainforest and greenhouse will be given away for free, despite it being worth “a few million”.

Owner Roger Wohrle has spent over 50 years perfecting the five-acre property in New Jersey but is not interested in just selling up and moving on.

Incredibly, the retired interior designer is looking to pass the property, which has been host to Playboy shoots over the years, onto an individual or an organisation but they have to meet his criteria.

Mr Wohrle first announced that he would be giving the property over to an heir a few years ago and since then, he has been inundated with interest from people wanting it for a nudist colony, dog sanctuary and yoga retreat.

When asked by the Daily Star about interest, Mr Wohrle laughed before revealing: “I have been flooded with inquiries from people looking for a free place to live.

“Let's be clear, I am not looking to just ‘give it away’. I am over 80 years old now. I have no plans of departing anytime soon but I know I won't live forever. Having never married I have no heirs to leave it to and wanted it to be preserved for its historical and aesthetic value.”

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The unique property features a main house filled with a lifetime collection of antiques and vintage artwork, which will also be passed over.

An amazing greenhouse that has 50 years of dedication through the growth of tropical trees, flowering plants, vines and aquatic life.

There are also two unique bars, including one made from a historic wood and marble masterpiece from the St. Regis Hotel in New York City.

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Eragone also has private outdoor acres and an Olympic size swimming pool with a patio.

When asked what his favourite part of the property is, he said: “Every single thing.

“The greenhouse is the most impressive feature for most I would imagine but I would have to say the estate as a whole. I am a collector. People always ask ‘Why Are you buying more things?’. Because it brings me joy. Everywhere I look I see art, history and beauty.

"I have created my own utopia. 'Eragone' as in an Era Gone by. It's grown from a small cottage of a few hundred square feet to a sudo mansion with so many timeless treasures, a library, den, billiard room and master bedroom with a balcony view of an Oasis."

Mr Wohrle hopes to pass the house over to someone who can maintain it as well as he has over the years.

He does not want to pass away and have his amazing work, especially in his greenhouse, simply die.

It is his wish that the property outlives him by decades when his time finally comes.

Mr Wohrle said: “The annual cost of maintaining the estate is in excess of six figures a private individual would have to take that into consideration plus there is no guarantee it wouldn't be torn down or altered that is why I am looking for a Non-profit, educational or similar institution to take over care of it.

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"It has not only architectural and historical significance along with paintings, sculpture, antiques and of course the greenhouse it can provide education in the arts, horticultural science and so much more.

“Once I am ready to entertain serious inquiries, in the near future I might add, first and foremost they would need to show financial ability to maintain the property.”

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