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Man steals reporter’s car and crashes it into police cruiser amid manhunt

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A man who was being hunted by North Carolina cops this weekend stole a TV news car then crashed head-on into a police cruiser, a report said.

Marcus Brown, 19, was one of four men on the run from cops in rural Pittsboro on Saturday when he approached a reporter and photographer from WRAL — and offered a wad of cash for a ride to a gas station, the TV station reported.

“We said that those were both news units and he couldn’t ride with us because he didn’t have a station ID, that was really an excuse to hope that he would get away from us,” reporter Keenan Willard said in a broadcasted segment.

“He seemed to agree, he started walking away,” Willard went on. “And he just lunged into my car, jumped in the front seat and peeled out of there up [Highway] 64, just took off. We were both in shock.”

But a nearby cop gave chase and Brown found himself in his second car chase of the day. This one only lasted five minutes before he slammed the news car head first into a police car, WRAL stated.

The TV station was in the neighborhood reporting on the manhunt for Brown and the others, who ditched a car after a high-speed chase earlier that day. The four are all from Jacksonville, Florida, and were said to be doing 94 mph on a highway with a posted speed limit of 65 mph when a cop tried to pull them over.

The four men ran from the vehicle after a chase, causing a lockdown of the area and sparking a large police presence in the region. All were arrested Saturday and Sunday, WRAL said.

Brown was charged with stealing the car, fleeing, and possession of a weapon of mass destruction, the TV station said. Adrian Lowery, 24, and Caleb Sheffield, 19, were also arrested over the weekend as well as an unidentified minor, the report stated.

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