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Man tells bar ‘f*** you’ after being booted out for wearing a Nazi costume

A man who took Halloween dressing up too far exclaimed "f*** you" to staff who booted him out of their bar on Sunday (October 30).

Dressed as a Nazi, the unknown individual was seen entering Fanelli Cafe in New York's Soho in good spirits before things soon turned sour.

Complete with a swastika on his arm the man was knocked back after attempting to order a drink with patrons quickly letting him know what they thought.

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In footage of the incident, which was caught on camera and subsequently shared to Twitter, a woman can be heard shouting "what's wrong with you?"

Another onlooker then roars "Get out of here you motherf****er" as the man shrugs and is turned away before exclaiming "f*** you" in response.

The 18-second long clip, which has since gone viral with almost seven million views, ends with a further customer making sure he leaves the property swiftly.

Thousands of Twitter users were clearly outraged with what they saw, with one commenting on the video: "Honestly is so disgusting to still see stuff like this in 2022. People seem to think it was a long time, when in fact I’m only the 2nd generation after the Holocaust.

Another said: "Someone should have kicked his a**. My grandfather fought these b******s. It's not funny at all."

A third added: "Somehow, I think Fanelli's is about to see an earned uptick in patrons of good dining and good common sense."

And a fourth said: "This literally made my whole body go numb. I've spent many an evening in Fanelli. I know it's a Halloween costume, but as a Jewish person, seeing it makes me feel unsafe even here in NYC. Now I'm crying."

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