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Man who exposed Russian prison torture says Putin tried to assassinate him

The man who was behind the uncovering of a series of horrific sexual tortures inside of Russian prisons has claimed Russian president Vladimir Putin tried to have him assassinated.

Human rights campaigner Vladimir Osechkin, 41, is currently in exile in France and has since revealed the country has opened up a criminal case into an attempt on his life.

Such an attempt could have been orchestrated by Russia and worked through the criminal underworld, Osechkin has claimed, after worrying for his life.

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He suggested he didn't know "how much longer I can be here" following the attempt, which appears to have involved actively-planned assassinations in Spain and France.

Speaking of the alleged assassination attempt, Osechkin said: "I don't know how much longer I can be here with you on this planet.

"My life is now in real danger and largely depends on the competence of the security service and the work of law enforcement agencies in Europe.

"In France, a criminal case has been opened over the participation…of my murder by an organised criminal group. The case has been referred to – and is being investigated at – the highest level in France."

Founder of, Osechkin's work was key in uncovering barbaric torture and sexual violence incidents in Russian prisons.

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But now it would appear that "Putin and his secret services" are wanting "to take revenge" on Osechkin for his investigations into Russian prisons.

Osechkin further said due to the "growing popularity" of his findings and the "high-profile independent investigations and exposures of grand corruption and torture conveyors" that Putin would try and have him killed.

He added: "An attempt to organise my murder is essentially an act of international terrorism, when the Russian special services want to kill a person they don’t like on the territory of a European democratic state."

The investigative journalist further alleged an attempt on his life had been made some months before, claiming he had been under fire but a series of blunders from his would-be assassin "helped me survive".

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