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Mark Brown – 7 clues that give away 'psychopath' killer who slaughtered two missing women & torched one in oil drum | The Sun

A "PSYCHOPATH" who slaughtered two missing women and torched one in an oil drum gave away his guilt with seven chilling signs.

Mark Brown, 41, killed mum-of-three Leah Ware, 33, and Alexandra Morgan, 34, six months apart at Little Bridge Farm in Hastings.

He then set single mum Alexandra alight in an oil drum near a skip where police later discovered burned bone fragments and teeth.

Leah's body has never been found but it is understood Brown also torched her in a grisly plot to cover his tracks.

A top criminologist has now revealed the seven tell-tale signs Brown, who was yesterday convicted of murder, exhibited that exposed his guilt.

Professor David Wilson told The Sun Online that Brown would hang out with women he thought no one would miss.

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Both Alexandra and Leah were sex workers who met the killer through the website.

But Professor Wilson said he "made a mistake" as Alexandra's family were worried about her disappearance and reported her missing.

It was while police were searching for her that they discovered Leah was also missing when they found a drug prescription for the mum in his van.

While attempting to hide the gruesome crime, Brown had picked up prescriptions for Leah from a Sainsbury's pharmacy.

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Chilling footage also showed him withdrawing sums of up to £200 from her bank account while at the supermarket.

At the time, Leah was still receiving benefits that were paid directly into her bank account.

The criminologist, Professor Emeritus of Criminology at Birmingham City University, said this "staging of a crime scene" also exposed his guilt.

He added: "He's constructing a narrative that is as normal when in fact she's been murdered.

"So to take out her prescriptions, he's pretending that she's still alive
It's meant to deflect attention away from him.

"It implies psychologically he understands even if there is no body – cops will be trying to prove that she's dead.

"They will look at her prescriptions, her bank accounts, her phone records. He understands that he's quite organised and stable in his psychology."

Brown made Leah a virtual prisoner at his farm and held in a shipping container before she disappeared on May 7, 2021.

He murdered Alexandra six months later then burned her body in an oil drum. Leah's body has never been found.

Professor Wilson believes Brown wanted to kill again after his "success" at hiding Leah's murder.

He said: "He's got away with it which encouraged him to fantasise about doing it once again because he worked out a way of doing it.

"He would have done it again if he hadn't been caught."

After killing Leah, Brown texted a pal saying: "Things I've done weigh heavily on my heart, in my head and soul, a psychopath with a conscience. It's a joke really."

The expert said this shows he was trying to "justify his behaviour" and was "uncertain in who he is and what he wants to do".

He said this was not about "trying to confess", but rather "him verbalising who he is though the text messages".

Professor Wilson said this shows he is a "psychopath" who has done "dreadful things".

He added: "He didn't become a psychopath through having killed the first woman. He was a psychopathic person before that."

Brown lived on a remote rented farm in Hastings where he managed to keep Leah prisoner and murder Alexandra.

This "isolated" life gave him the scope he needed to "engage in his fantasies".

And it also helped to portray a picture of someone who is not "well socialised", Professor Wilson said.

Brown's web of lies unravelled thanks to a trail of clues Alexandra left for her sons and police that led cops to her murderer.

Alexandra had been due to meet Brown after he offered a highly-paid job at a hotel in Brighton where he worked as security.

Realising the job may not be "above board", she left a note for her son saying "let's go rollerblading" with a box of skates found in his bedroom.

Also in the box was a large sum of cash, a mobile and a handwritten note detailing her plan to meet Brown on November 14, 2021.

The mum additionally left a location, the pin to her mobile and a note saying: "Check postcode TN34 5NY Rock Lane, opposite Bartletts".

She was last seen on CCTV driving up a track in her white Mini Cooper followed by a gold Jaguar, belonging to Brown.

Police later found he had searched "beaten" and "rape" while arranging to meet Alexandra and also watched violent porn.

Brown was arrested on suspicion of Alexandra's murder on November 25.

Five days later, officers discovered burnt-out oil drum with teeth inside at a building site in Sevenoaks, Kent, where Brown had been working.

Hair straighteners and jewellery belonging to Alexandra were discovered in the skip where he had dumped the oil drum.

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Asked if he had killed two women, Brown said he could not comment but "it depends on what they find at my yard".

Brown will be sentenced at a later date.

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