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Melania Trump fury: FLOTUS in Twitterstorm after sharing extravagant ‘State Dinner’ plans

The Office revealed The First Lady, and wife of US President Donald Trump, “carefully selected” the details of the dinner to “reflect strong ties” between Australia and the US. A press preview of the State Dinner was opened up by Melania and included pictures of the table settings and decor in the White House’s Rose Garden. The tables featured centrepieces adorned with more than 2,500 roses from California.

Melania picked the colour scheme of gold and green hues to reflect the national flower of Australia, the golden wattle.

The lavish event will also take place while a military string orchestra plays.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his wife Jenny will attend the dinner on their first day in Washington.

After sharing details of the dinner on Twitter Melania was met with fierce criticisms by other social media users.

One Twitter user said: “So FLOTUS had her hired help do all the work and now she gets to take all the credit?”

Grace Landry wrote on Twitter: “Does anybody in the White House see what the heck is going on?!”

Another social media user replied to Melania saying she should put on work clothes and “get some dirt under your nails and work in the garden”.

Addressing the first lady Donna Kaiser added: “I don’t care about your roses and china. Stop showboating.”

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Another angry Twitter user said: “I hope it rains.”

Others directed their anger towards Trump himself.

One person living in New York tweeted: “Hopefully Trump won’t embarrass the nation like he usually does. He’s a classy buffoon.”

Many themed their outraged tweets on the tax parers funding of the soirée.


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Nancy Davis wrote on Twitter: “All of this at our cost! When so many are destitute.”

One Twitter user said: “And who is getting the bill? Us!”

Despite the wave of criticism towards the First Lady there were many fans of the Trumps that expressed their admiration on Twitter.

One person tweeted: “I’m sure if FLOTUS has anything to do with it then it will be beautiful, probably breathtaking, if anybody can throw an elegant dinner it will be her.”

Another wrote on Twitter: “If the First Lady’s behind this it will be spectacular!”

Edward Denham added: “God bless Melania. She is a national treasure.”

The State Dinner will commence on Friday evening in Washington.

It is the second state dinner the Trumps have hosted since moving into the White House in 2017.

Australian pro golfer Greg Norman, a friend of Trump’s, is attending

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