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Melania Trump SNUB as Jill Biden urged to reverse FLOTUS’ White House Rose Garden design

Melania Trump issues ‘farewell message’

The incoming First Lady has been urged to change the layout of the executive mansion’s famous Rose Garden. The lawn, which was originally designed by Jackie Kennedy, has served as backdrop for many of President Trump’s news briefings.

Ms Trump’s redecoration initially sparked outrage, with people logging onto Twitter to denounce the move, branding the renovation “a waste of taxpayer money.”

Critics of the new design have once again taken to the social media platform as Dr Biden is set to officially become First Lady to urge her to reverse the changes.

One person wrote: “Dr Biden, please bring Jackie’s Rose Garden back.

Another user added: “Melania stayed in NYC until the spring of Trump’s 1st year in office.

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“She could stay an extra day in DC to welcome the Bidens. But she won’t because she’s a terrible person – a selfish, bigoted bully just like her husband.

“I can’t wait for Dr Biden to turn Melania’s ridiculous tennis pavilion into an art centre for DC school kids. And I hope that by spring, they restore Jackie Kennedy’s rose garden.”

A third commenter wrote: “The Rose Garden was turned into what looks like a colourless soulless cold graveyard.

“I hope it’s restored to its original beauty the way it was just over 4 years ago because jealousy of Jackie O wasn’t a good reason to kill beautiful nature.”

Other people simply expressed hoped that “Dr Jill Biden will put back Jackie’s rose garden.”

The criticism comes after Ms Trump broke First Lady tradition as she failed to contact Dr Biden to give her a tour of the White House.

The invitation has been a custom since 1953 when Bess Truman gave Mamie Eisenhower a tour.

CNN’s Kate Andersen, who confirmed the news, said: “Melania Trump will become the first modern First Lady not to invite the woman who will replace her to the White House for a walk-through of the private living quarters on the second and third floors.”

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